need comfy white sneaker/slip ons for job

  1. i just got a new job, and requirement is white shoes, slip on mary jane type crocs ive seen around or sneakers. they dont ahve to be fully white, but the body has to be.

    also what are crocs? lolllll
  2. it's hard to believe just looking at them, but crocs are actually ridiculously comfortable. my friend forced me to try hers, and they were like walking on pillows--even though they were 2 sizes too small! I don't own a pair but I think it would be worth it to get them just for work if you have to be on your feet--I think they are maybe $30?
  3. they make danskos in white. *love* my danskos, especially when you have to be on your feet all day. they're like birkenstocks though and take a few days to get used to. they run around 100-130 dollars and are worth EVERY penny.

    never could get into crocs, but everyone says they're comfy...they felt like walking without shoes to me (a feeling i don't like except in my house). plus they're (imho) not attractive, not even for comfy shoes. :smile:

    edited to add pictures
    first ones are crocs, the rest are different dansko styles
    first three from Zappos last two from

    my favorite styles are the professionals (i wear these EVERY DAY...they're in the second to last pic) and the marcelles (mary jane ones in the last pic)
    crocs.jpg 985-175732-d.jpg 827-175731-d.jpg standard_606010101.jpg standard_622010101.jpg
  4. aarti- I strongly vote for the crocs! Like uhkiwi said, they feel like walking on pillows or go for white danskos..
  5. where do i go buy them?
  6. 8020nyc Jody Rainbow.jpg