Need Coffer Style No. & Help from HK TPFers

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  1. HI everyone!

    I'm desperately in need of help here. My brother is going to HK and I ask him to purchase my first coffer. Would anyone tell me the style number/code (the original size=large?)? And which colour should I choose: black, prugna, or burgundy?

    And, for fellow TPFers in HK, can you advise me what colour is available in store now?

    Thanks a bunch ^-^
  2. The style number for the original size Coffer is RR1300

    Here is the rest of the info found on the style card:

    Sacca size:TU
    art: RR1300 colour: ---
    group name: Matelasse

    if you are looking for the new distressed leather, the group name will be Matelasse'Lux.

    Good luck!! :tup:
  3. Thanks miu2
  4. I was at Miu Miu 2-3 weeks ago and from what I saw on display, they had the grey, burgundy, and black one. But they might have other colours that weren't put out on display. I ended up buying the burgundy one for $10,350hkd. I love it!!
  5. Thanks kaykayyy ^-^

    Post pic please. I'd love to see the burgundy.