Need codes on chanel items


Mother of 2
Jun 16, 2012
Hi I am wondering if a few could help me I am going to new york in 2 weeks and flying from heathrow where there is a chanel store,
I haven't got a lot of time so need to be In and out,
They said they will reserve item if they have them for 24 hours so I need to call the day before
I am wanting to purchase
A zippy caviar quilted wallett dose anyone have the code please
I am also wanting the giant shopping tote again dose anyone have the code
In the quilted pumps I am normally a size 39 are these true to size?
Again I need the code in black
And last one wallett on chain with cc in caviar the quilted fabric
Code please

Thank you so much
I did ring chanel boutique for these codes 4 days later they still haven't rang me back


Jul 24, 2009
In an attempt to assist you. You are inquiring about codes future Chanel purchase. On some of the items that I have I will try to assist while leaving others TPFers to add their input. I do not know the current prices but you can find them on various threads.

Answers to inquiries.

The color code for all caviar is 94305.

1) WOC black quilted caviar, silver (white) hardware

Caviar Quilted
10A A33814 (style number) Y 06500 (hardware code)
94305 Black (color code)

2) regular size GST ( not the XL size reintroduced this season13P, C,) black with silver hardware

GST/Large Tote Bag
Black 93405
00V A20995 Y01864 (gold hardware code; sometimes the code changes over time)
(permanent line -00V)

3) Wallet, you refer to as Zippy. I think Chanel refers to it as the "zip around". I do not have the long in caviar quilted but rather in patent leather so I can't really assist. If this provides some help, but not all. My label on the box says:

Black Metallic Symbols
Wallet continental
Porte Monnaie
Color Code: Black 94305 Patent Leather
10P A48051 Y 06830
this one is not yours, perhaps some others may be able to help.

4) Capped toe ballerina shoes. I have many Chanel shoes but not those. You may look in the reference thread. Regarding size, depending on your feet, you may need to go up a 1/2 or full size because the toe area can be tight.

I don't know if you have purchased Chanel in the US before but here is my unsolicited feedback. I would think that most SAs may not take your telephone inquiry seriously because they are often very busy and might be a little suspicious if you don't have a relationship with them and also telling them you are from abroad. I would also take the time to enjoy the experience of shopping and learning the products that you may want. There is a lot of information on the TPF to assist you. The TPF has existed since 2006. I lurked since 2007 and later former came back with new member name (forgot the old one) and actively participated. As a lover of Chanel I enjoyed the experience of shopping in the boutique and browsing. I realize that my shopping methods may be more antiquated ( since I started shopping in the late 70s) but, I love it still the same. Enjoy your time in New York and your boutique experience as well. Some items may or may not be available. You also might want to call the customer service in the US. JMHO, GL

pam ewing

Mar 11, 2012
The large Gusset Zip around wallet is great, it's style #A50097.
I'm thinking of getting another!