Need code for Gap F&F coupon - 30% off

  1. Hello,

    If anyone could PM me a gap F&F code, I would be eternally grateful. :smile:
  2. Ohh, I'd love one too!
  3. me three!..hah.. there's so much stuff I want from there.
  4. i would like one too please:yes:
  5. OOO, I would really appreciate it if someone can send one to me too :graucho:
  6. me too?!
  7. maybe it's not happening now
  8. I'm pretty sure it happend already, sorry ladies.
  9. Here's one. GAP 30% off (use code BKJWVQ59VZ8D on-line)
    Thursday Nov. 15th to Sunday Nov. 18th
  10. Thanks for the code, chinkyi23:yes:
  11. is this on all items? including sale items???? if so, can more than one person use the code????
  12. From what I understand you can use it on sale items, but it is a one-time use code.
  13. Would like a code too if anyone else has one? TIA!
  14. Apparently I was wrong, but that's a good thing. If anyone has a code could you please pm me! I would really appreciate it!
  15. i'd like one too pls, it would be super awesomely appreciated!! TIA