~~Need Clutch suggestion for going out at night!! =)~~

  1. I was thinking of getting the Monogram Pochette Accessoires for going out at night to restaurant/clubbing/lounging. :confused1: My question is: will it go well with dress/formal wear as well as jeans n heels? I need to carry my cellphone, small camera, keys, some cash and cards, lipgloss (wallet is optional).
    Or can you suggest me any other clutch/small purse? THANKS so much!! :p
  2. I have the Mono Pochette and I love it. I also bought the Mono long strap for it so I can wear it very casual also. I also recommend a black Epi Pochette. It is very dressy. Or even the Beverly PM
  3. Other suggestions:

    -Epi Montaigne Clutch
    -MC Shirley
    -Vernis Sunset Boulevard
    -Epi Honfleur
    -Mono Pochette Marelle
    -Damier Navona
  4. I have a monogram, I don't think it would carry everything you list! I barely fit my keys, cell (razr), and camera in! I just stopped bringing my camera. Depends how much room your keys take up and how big your camera is.
  5. Why don't you get the Denim Clutch???? I would totally get it if I go out a lot ( i can't anymore cuz it's the end of semester & there's bunch of works ). Anyways, the denim is cute.
  6. The pochette is a great bag! You should go for it!
  7. I have the Multicolore Pochette and i use it as a clutch. IMO its better for a night out. More fun looking than mono..
  8. I use Sunset Boulevard for night out!!!It's beautiful and practical bag you will :heart: it
  9. mono pochette definetely a classic!!! i have one and i really loves it:heart:
  10. limelight! hehe...or the damier navona
  11. Thanks all for your suggestion! I might stop by at LV store and try the pochette and other clutch that you suggested =)=)
  12. What kind of camera do you have? I just checked my Canon Powershot. It actually fits okay without the camera case. With the camera case it definately will cause the pochette to have a bulge though.
  13. I also have the Canon powershot, and I will take the case out definitely. thanks cpster!
  14. i use the Pochette Marelle or Multicolore Shirley for going out at night, and more recently, my Monogram and Damier Sophies
  15. Ohh... I so want the Mono Sophie!!! But I guess it's too late now since it's not available anymore, right?... =( . The other day I saw a girl with mono Sophie.. I was totally droolling !!! LOL. Lucky for you that have it! Sophie would be a perfect clutch for me too, but I dont want to pay what they're selling on eBay now.. o well