Need clothes advice please!!!

  1. What to wear with the Black MC fringe speedy? The event is daytime in the sun, white? but the bag is black? My hair is pink. It will be a pose fest so be creative or conservative? Help!:blink:
  2. I think you can wear any color with the multicolored bags. I would probably wear something black although in a light material. Maybe a chifon top and thin-like pants? Or maybe all white. I think the bag will match whatever you wear cause it's got all the colors on it. Good luck!!
  3. I think since the bag is such a statement should go Conservative
  4. i think you should not wear one color so pick a color that is in the bag and wear that color as a skirt/trouser or as a top. But don't do dramatic prints or logo's on your clothes. For the non color part if your clothes i think white wil look great
  5. How about a white pant suit? The bag and the hair will give it just enough sass!!!
  6. Ok, It's gonna be hot during the day, so thanks for the remind on the white pants suit, I'll pack that for evening. I could do Black capri's with black murakami mules, white halter w/blue top underneath with white chiffon blouse, and LV charm necklace and gold belt. My hubby is insiting I wear these mad Chanel pink fish sunglasses he bought me. :lol: I also have a fantastic white skirt with rainbow tie dye, I got 2 days I need to look nice.
  7. black knee lenght skirt....and a fague see thourgh whitte or black blouse and a pair of pumps
  8. Or wear what most celebs wear. Pair of designer jeans, white t-shirt or cc tank. Black Chanel sunglasses =)