need clarification

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  1. is this bag marc jacobs? i saw it and it looks like it, but i dont know much about mj handbags so was just wondering haha TIA =]

  2. Yes it's MJ. I think it's called the quilted Ursula Elise (or something like that) and I think the color is Midnight.
  3. I believe it is a quilted elise... Correct me if I'm wrong =)
  4. Yup, it's a quilted patent Elise in Midnight Blue.

    I love this color!
  5. such a pretty bag!
  6. Seriously, she's flaunting her Bible too?
  7. ^^she has the Holy her arm?? LOL oh my gosh. yeah...that's the only thing that caught my attention!
  8. hi, i went on to the marc jacobs site and was looking for it. I saw it in the 2006 section..but did not see it in the midnight blue...was this a 2005 bag?
  9. :lol: That's what I was thinking of too! It really caught my attention, the color of the cover and all that. I think if she really wanted to she could have put the two books in the Elise and it would fit well.
  10. I think it might have been a spring of 2006 bag. Unfortunately, MJ told me this line is sold out. If you are hoping to get one your best bet is eBay.
  11. Off topic, I know, but wasn't she sporting one of those Kaballah bracelets not long ago? I really hope that she gets her act together soon. Anyhow, you can't fault her taste in bags. I love the Elise because you can never seem to fill it up! I am carrying my new rust one (purchased from TJ Maxx) right now. :smile: