Need clarification on Chloe Paddington styles

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  1. I was looking at some of the websites and was wondering what the difference is with all of these bags. What size do you prefer and why? Which style do you prefer and why. It would be very helpful to know more about it.

    Side Pockets, Front Pockets, Vachette, Big, New Color, Big Front Pocket (A little confusing.)
  2. I like bags that i can put on my shoulder, so for me, it would be the satchel or the hobo...i don't think i'd get on with the Edith because i wouldn't be able to sling it over my shoulder!:P

    Some people like to have just hand held bags, but for me, if it were hand held only, it would have to be pretty small and light or i'd have severe arm ache by the end of a long day out.:yes:
  3. Thanks Chicky.
  4. I personally like the Paddys because I need something I can put over my shoulder when walking. I have two Paddy bags and just tried on a Paddington hobo and it felt so comfortable. If you are interested in something to wear on your shoulder that might be a way to go though it looks a tad more casual.
    I saw the paddington large tote (or buyer) for the first time yesterday. It is too big for me (I am 5'2) but for someone taller it would be a stunning bag.
  5. You got this from the LVR website, didn't you? Vachette = calf leather (I think the rest of the Paddys use kidskin); and New Color is just their way of saying the colours are coming from the new season (F/W 06/07). Paddys also come in 3 sizes: small, medium, large (big).

    The rest is just a matter of personal preference.