need clarification about the QHMJM

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  1. I need a bit of clarification and was hoping you can help! I use the QHMJM 2x a week and love how it makes my skin feel. I am a bit confused however, is this an exfoliator??? And what if I mix it with aspirin as I have read many of you doing...what is the difference then?
  2. If you mix it with aspirin and when you take it off kind of rub the aspirin around your face, I guess it could be considered an exfoliant. But the QHMJM alone is NOT an exfoliant.

    The difference is that an exfoliant scrubs your face, scrubs the dead skin cells off. A mask tightens everything up. I exfoliate every other day and use the QHMJM whenever I feel I need it, usually about 3x a week. I was experimenting with my routine, but I found this is what works best for me.

  3. I've never used it as an exfoliator. (I use the St. Ives Apricot Scrub for that.) I actually use the QHMJM as an overnight spot treatment on my acne. It does wonders to zap zits super fast overnight. :tup:
  4. It adds salicylic acid, which will aid exfoliation (even if you're not scrubbing with it) and increase cell turnover.
  5. i usually exfoliate (with a gentle exfoliator, st ives apricot scrub is WAY too harsh for me) after i take off the mask, then tone and moisturize
  6. When you rinse it off, it does kind of exfoliate very gently. In fact, for people with sensitive skin, it might be their best bet, as the kaolin is finer in texture than even baking soda.

    If you get good results with aspirin, I don't see why you couldn't try mixing them. If it seems to not work as well, then just go back to using them separately.
  7. what is QHMJM?:confused1:
  8. ^^ Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask :yes: It can be found at your local drugstore and is a great face mask!
  9. Thanks everyoen for clearing it up for me! I usually put aspirin in the mask only because I read on tpf how great it works that way! But I was also exfoliating 2-3 times a week in addition to the mask. So I wanted to make sure that I wasnt over exfoliating!
  10. ^^^ No, but you might be overdrying. QHMJM, aspirin masks and almost all exfoliators are VERY drying on my skin.

    I use LUSH Coal Face soap in the shower to exfoliate (I lather it in my hands - it's too harsh to put the bar on my face!) every morning, and then use QHMJM every week or two. At night, I use makeup remover cloths. And I use Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion and Shu Depsea water morning and night after cleansing (and overnight or daytime moisturizer, of course). That routine has been keeping my face pretty soft and moisturized, and mostly pimple free!
  11. Adding aspirin is all good for acne prone skin. It'll help dry up pimples (though MJM does that fairly well on its own).
  12. If you're using the aspirin frequently you shouldn't really need to exfoliate, at least not more than ~once a week :shrugs:
  13. I have combination skin that is starting to become more oily lately for some reason and I break out so I guess I will continue to use the aspirin in the mask and maybe cut down on the exfoliation!

    Thanks everyone! I love all the information I have been getting here on TPF!!!
  14. Thanks for clearing that up:smile:
  15. I bought some two weeks ago - I've used it twice and I'm really pleased so far. I've picked up on so many awesome products in this sub-forum!!!:yahoo: