Need CL for my bday (pic)

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  1. LOVE them!!!! ;)
  2. They're pretty and very comfortable... :yes:
  3. Love them!! Go for it
  4. they're cute, i love them in nude
  5. Im an enabler!...BUY THEM!
    I have them in red & just ordered them in yellow. Very cute. I sized down in these. Love them!
    When is your birthday BTW? Mine is sat!
  6. What color--black show up on the link. So pretty ... I used to be *blah* when I saw them, but since other tPFers have posted action shots, I totally appreciate their elegant beauty!!

    Happy birthday, btw!
  7. LOVE LOVE them!! i ordered them in yellow and can't wait to get them :smile:
  8. I love them in red, yellow, & black (LOL so I can't help you choose a color). They are beautiful!!
  9. I have these in yellow and I LOVE them! I also think the red & the nude are tdf! Happy early birthday!
  10. Shari - I love this shoe and find it very comfy. I like them in black but I LOVE them in red, yellow and nude.
  11. You have to get them...I love em
  12. I haven't seen them in person, but I love them from pictures. I'm thinking about this shoe also.
  13. i neeeed this shoe in nude!
  14. Happy birthday! Those are cute.