Need Chanel Feedback on LV "Ad" Bag...


Keep or Return LV Stamped Bag PM?

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  2. Return...There are other fish in the sea!

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  1. Hi all. Hoping to get feedback on my latest purchase...I think of it as the LV "ad" bag... I wanted to post in the Chanel thread to get feedback from those that like other than LV bags...hope this makes sense...

    I am so in love with my Chanel bags right now...MM tote, large black Diamond Stitch tote, black Cloudy Bundle bowler, and possibly my new favorite...the black leather oversized COCO... :love:

    I have three LV Suhali Lockit this one too! And...large Damier bucket...and Mono Cabas Mezzo that I use for work from time to time...

    So, keep or return the LV Stamped BAG PM???? :wtf:

    Reasons for amazing color...most of my current bags are black or brown (so this one "fits" in that it is close to my preferences but a bit distinct from my other bags) is difficult to find (one of the last in the US according to LV) is "fun"...I already have great staples (with diversity) in my current Chanel and LV options...

    Reasons to return...handles are a bit may be more :flowers: difficult to coordinate with than other will be a F06 LV bag (limited edition has its pros and cons) may not be a multi-season bag...I am interested in other Chanel bags (oversize COCO in dark brown leather, black Cloudy Bundle N/S tote, large outdoor brown tote)...I also debated between this LV bag and others (Suhali lockit in sienne, Damier Duomo)...

    Any feedback would be so greatly appreciated!
    LV 001.jpg LV 002.jpg
  2. OOH...I put all my stuff inside this bag at my lv store and LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!Its a FAB bag!!!!..I found it to be more of a going out bag..NOT AN EVERYDAY BAG.....i LOVE IT
  3. ps--THIS color is TDF too!!!
  4. Potential "friends" or "competitors" of LV Stamped Bag PM (current "rotation" in play)... Novak clutch also pictured here... Need help...
    Chanel Bags 001.jpg Black Chanel Diamond Stitch.jpg Chanel 004.jpg Chanel 003.jpg LV 001.jpg LV 002.jpg McQueen Novak Clutch 005.jpg
  5. Totally right! It is a relatively small bag...could use for shopping, dinner, going out...

    It will fit a large wallet, sunglass case, cell phone, and small cosmetic is definitely not a tote, but does fit my "essentials"...
  6. Gosh, I am probably not the right person to respond since I feel like an LV trader lately. My recent purchases LV & Balenciaga are taking a backseat to my Chanels. IMO, I think you should return it and get something you really love. If you are not feeling it now you probably won't later. Chanel has some really fabulous bags this season so I am sure you will find something you just have to have very soon!
  7. I say...return her! I'm not a big LV person (except for wallets). I love your Chanels much better. Especially the MM tote, diamond stitch tote and the leather oversized Coco!
  8. It's a cute bag but I vote for another Chanel! :biggrin:

    SoCal, where did you find the large Outdoor tote in brown? I have the small one on the way to me from NM in Newport Beach. Returned two, bought one, I swear I will never break even, lol!! I feel your pain when it comes to returns.
  9. I like LV, but I am not a huge fan of this bag. Granted if you keep it you can probably profit if you sell it next year since I know that you can really MAKE money on limited LVs. If it isn't an issue and you can still get the Chanel's you want, then keep it.
  10. Hi Roey. I saw the small Outdoor tote in brown yesterday at Neiman Marcus Fashion Valley (San Diego). I asked the SA if they would receive a larger version (similar in size to the Diamond Stitch). She indicated that they would, but they had only received the small to date. BTW, the brown was gorgeous! Loved it and the smaller CCs on the brown!
  11. It's a REALLY cool bag but you've pointed out some cons that are actually really important to me, especially the handle drop not being quite long enough for ideal.
    Honestly, it looks like your collection could use a little color or a spunky bag like this, but I think you should keep looking.
    Have you checked out the new red Gucci Anniversary bag? I tried it on in the med size and it was FANTASTIC!!!
  12. To me, the fact it may be limited to one or two seasons is a plus. Pulling a bag out after storing it away for 6 months makes it "new to me" - I feel like I am shopping in my closet! Also, the fact that it is limited edition may lead to a good resale price when/if you decide to sell.

    But, as others have said, if the handle drop will keep you from using it, the bag won't bring you joy if it is in the closet all the time.

    Good luck with your decision!
  13. I agree with Swanky in that the shot of color is a great addition to your collection. IMO though there are better choices out there than this particular LV, and I love LV
  14. I voted to keep it because you have a lot of bags that are basic colors but this one really adds a nice change. If you purchased it because you love it then keep it, if you purchased it because it is limited and you kinda like it, then I'd return it.
  15. I voted to return her. The handle drop is too short and I agree that I don't think it's multi seasonal. Plus, I just think there are other nicer bags out there. :yes: