Need Carly Help......Dirty and Medium v/s Large

  1. I have seen pics of some people wearing the large but haven't seen pics of anyone wearing the medium that I can remember. Does anyone have a pic??

    Also for those that have had the denim or khaki for a while how has it been about getting dirty? Did you spray it with anything?

    I really would love all the info you all could give me before the weekend when I get to FINALLY go to both an outlet and a Coach Store!

    Oh, I almost forgot do the Coach Stores sell both the medium and large? And the Chocolate, Khaki and Denim or do I need to go to a Macy's?
  2. I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge! I have a large denim Carly for about three weeks now. I am very happy with the fabric and it doesn't seem to show any signs or dirt or wear. I am not being rough with it but I do take it to work, restaurants, the supermarket, etc. The SA's in my Coach boutique told me that they will not be getting the medium Carly. They said the dept stores would have it. I haven't treated my large denim Carly with anything yet. I was told to use unscented baby wipes to clean it. I know it has already been treated but I will probably spray it with something soon just to be safe. I hope you have fun shopping at the outlet and the Coach boutique!
  3. Hi!

    Thanks so much! What do you plan on spraying it with?
  4. Everyone here seems to like the apple guard so I was going to look for that product. I read on another thread that it works for the fabric and the leather handles.
  5. Me with the medium

  6. Here's me with MY Medium Carly: Please excuse my messing, "hangin' around the house" clothes :smile:
    IMG_1463.JPG IMG_1464.JPG IMG_1465.JPG
  7. Here's my Saddle Medium Carly and my big-ass hips! It may be the perfect bag. I haven't had any urge to replace her yet!

  8. I have the Carly in Khaki/Saddle and haven't had any problems with it getting dirty yet. I take it, work, restaurants, shopping--yesterday I took it to the orchard with me (and it's pretty much dirt pathways there), didn't have any problems with it whatsoever. I haven't treated it with anything, and I also put it on the ground when I go out. It's a beautiful bag! You'll really enjoy it!
  9. I have the large khaki and although I bought the apple garde last week, I haven't sprayed the bag yet. I don't think it really needs it. Whatever it is already treated with seems to be good enough. My sister spilled soda on it the other day and it just beaded up and didn't leave any kind of wet mark.
  10. I haven't sprayed mine either. I've gotten a little dirt on it one time, wiped right off. This is a sturdy bag!
  11. A couple pics of my medium Carly.....


    And so far I haven't had any problems keeping her clean. I noticed a spot a week or so ago (don't know what it was) and it came right off with the signature cleaner.
  12. I was glad to find this thread. I haven't used my large khaki carly yet but have taken it out of the dustbag everyday to look at it lol. I was wondering if it would stain. I haven't had problems with signature bags in the past, so figured this style would be similiar.
  13. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU all so so much!!! This is exactly what I wanted to hear and see!!!

    This quote

    made me feel much better! With a baby on the way (and a trip to China to pick her up) I need a sturdy bag that will hold alot to carry on the plane!

    Thank you all again!
  14. Oh wait one more question! The large is $428 right? What is the price of the medium? Then the large LEATHER one is $498?
  15. My medium choc. cotton carly:smile:
    Ebay Pics 275.jpg