Need Canadian Ears to listen....

  1. Why are Sephora and other retailers so much more expensive to buy if you are in Canada?
    We are talking about a huge price difference. The dollar in Canada was stronger than the US for a short time. Why were we getting screwed? This isn't just make-up, it's everything. How do ya'll deal with this frustration? Are you still shopping in Canada or do you head South. It's hard on me because I've lived in both countries and really see the discrepancy (if you will:lol:) and it just sucks.:push:

    Thanks for your input:upsidedown:
  2. I specifically asked about that in Sephora and the SA told me how the brands are the ones to dictate the price and it's not Sephora's fault. It's the companies fault. I didn't buy excuse that for one minute!!

    I also was in Holts and very annoyed that a 'new to the market' Prescriptives cream cost so much more than in the States. The SA said it was because the product was purchased before the dollar was so strong, which was ********, because the product is a new launch.

    I make a point of saying to the SAs that I will have to go to the States to purchase the item.

    This isn't even true, I'm not going to the States... I just want them to pass on the information to the 'powers that be' and let them know I won't buy unless the price comes down.

    So far, it isn't working.
  3. Oh my god, this is absolutely one of the top things I dislike about living in Canada. Someone once told me that it was to cover the cost of shipping products, but I don't buy that because a lot of products that are manufactured here still cost much more. I think it's just that traditionally, prices have been higher in Canada because of the dollar difference, and now that that situation is mostly neutralized a lot of retailers are trying to keep it the same and hoping that people will just be so used to paying more than the US price that they won't notice.

    I remember last year (i think?) when LV dropped their prices because of the stronger Canadian dollar...such a glorious day LOL..
  4. I know!!! I really ticks me off when i go home to Toronto visit family and I want to shop only to quickly come to the sad conclusion that it would be cheaper to buy back in MN. Bloor is def one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world esp. when you consider how much more we are paying for the exact same thing. Although we still have Roots! And roots kick abercrombies butt any day of the week.
  5. Sephora also told me that^^^^ it's because of the companies dictating the prices. I don't fall for that either. I just placed a huge order with Sephora, and had I been in the States I would have saved a whopping $150, I kid you not. So, for example a Fekkai product may cost US $65, they charge Canadians $85. Something has to give.:cursing:
  6. PinkSuadeSoho, I've started to complain. I told my Chanel SA I'm buying more on-line. I told the same thing to my Holts SA. I wanted the new Prada fragrance and when they told me the price, I said I would wait till I go to the States. I'm not going to the States, but I wanted them to hear that I was annoyed and would take action.

    Don't you think we should all get angry and let the stores know?

    Why in the world is MAC more expensive here? Aren't we the home of MAC? (I can forgive them because they have such a great Back to Mac policy) but it still annoys me!
  7. I do let them know as well:yes:I have family in the States, they just take my order for whatever we need, & send it to us. I just didn't want to wait this time around, but won't be doing this again. I don't think for the most part Canadians make a fuss, or do they????:shrugs:
  8. this is kinda OT but i hate how it's more expensive in canada to send out parcels. canada post makes a killing off us!!!

  9. I fully agree. I don't charge enough on my auctions (postage), but people in the US won't bid if I charge the auctual postage. I hate Canada Post:throwup: I have to be competitive, kwim....
  10. I know exactly how you feel, especially now that the Canadian dollar is stronger. It's really frustrating, especially when you consider tax on top of the extra cost (14% here vs. 6% in Michigan). I live about half an hour away from the border though so often I do just end up buying things in the US. I was at Best Buy recently though, and I noticed they dropped their prices (in Canada) since the US dollar got weaker. I just wish more companies would follow suit because where I live, a lot of places are losing business due to the fact that we are so close to the border and many Canadians are now shopping in the States.

    And don't get me started on Canada Post. I hardly ever order anything out-of-country because of the high cost involved. There's the brokerage fee + duty + tax not to mention the cost of shipping itself. That can bring a $400 item to over $600 just to get it here. Bloody ridiculous.
  11. I do the exact same thing! I always undercharge a bit. I usually have to eat some of the cost, especially if I'm adding insurance.
  12. I don't ever shop in Canada anymore, I actually only go to Holts to try on clothing then go online & order it from Saks or NM. Just to prove my point, I saw a pair of Micheal Kors boots at Holts & then went to the States & bought them from Lord & taylor & saved a whooping $230 on the same boots :wtf: that is insane. I refuse to give my $$$ until Canada smartens up. Got my GHD flat iron for $240 in Sephora in the US yet Sephora Canada is charging $280, why???
  13. there's not much i buy in canada anymore. i buy most of my clothes from revolve clothing b/c they have free shipping to canada. you just can't beat the prices! why would i pay full cdn retail plus tax for jeans, when i can get them for practically 1/3 of the cost from revolve?
  14. ^^^It's nice to hear other stories. You would think that they would really adjust prices accordingly. Yup, haven't really shopped in Canada for a long time. Makes no sense.
  15. Revolve is all authentic right !?! Just want to make shipping!! Sounds too good to be true (to Canada at least)!!!