Need buyer to pay me from FRANCE (to Canada)

  1. I have a buyer who has been trying to buy from me forever but she can't figure out a way to pay me.
    She doesn't have paypal - I told her to get it but she seems to be having trouble (her English is bad so it's hard to communicate)
    She tried to do a bank transfer but her bank got my name all messed up and it's costing her an arm and a leg.
    Is there any other way she can do this?
    Money order from her bank mailed here?
    Personal Cheque to Canada from France?

    Here's her last email so you can see how confusing this is:

    [​IMG]"[FONT=Arial, Verdana]hello. My paypal is not ok. My bank can't ask me why and I so want my bracelet with the pictures of my son..... "[/FONT]
  2. I would NOT take a personal cheque. Seems like an international Money Order is the way to go though that is going to delay the process by several days.
  3. what about a money gram , the money very quickly comes through in ten minutes, down side she has no security and would have to feel she could trust you .
  4. What is a money gram? Who would you get that through? Is that western Union?
  5. I think Western Union (Instant Money Transfer I think it's called) may be best, if it's available in France? should be, I guess? You can check it out at WU's website.

    International MO may take quite some time to clear.
  6. You could ask her to post what the Paypal problem is in French, I could help you and I'm sure others could too. I just looked at Paypal's French site and it looks like it can be used by pretty much anyone. I know for example that Dutch Paypal is a nightmare because it only accepts creditcards and a lot of Dutch people don't have them (yes it's true!), but I think they are fairly common in France and it looks like French Paypal can actually be linked to your bank account. I'd guess she just doesn't want to use it or doesn't want to give out her creditcard info. Lots of continental Europeans still fear the internet!
  7. You can do an International comes through to you in Canadian funds and you wouldn't have a problem depositing it in your bank. It'll just take longer because she'll have to mail it!