Need Bonanza advice...

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  1. I know this doesn't fall under *bay but I've seen many other threads that deal with Bonanza. Anyway, I sold a pair of shoes about 5 days ago to a buyer and required payment through PP within 7 days. The buyer had questioned me with an offer which I had asked if it was for the shoes only or the total and she had stated for the shoes only. So buyer made an offer which after adding the shipping charges, I accepted. That was day 1. Five days have already past and I've reminded her to pay within 7 days on the first day. She hasn't responded to me or paid yet. Do I have the right to be concerned? I have decided not to worry until after the seventh day.
  2. You honestly cannot worry until after the seventh day, as the buyer technically does not need to respond nor pay until day seven. I know it can be tough waiting... :Push:
  3. If it were me i would get a bit annoyed. I would like to know when they plan to pay.
  4. I am not annoyed but I would've thought the buyer would've paid immediately since we exchanged a few words within a few hours, then accepted the offer. I just don't like it when they change their minds in the end.:smash:
  5. ^^ How do you know she has changed her mind? Did she say so? Sorry, I know it's frustrating at times.
  6. No, I was saying in general I don't like it when buyers' change their minds, not particularly this buyer.
  7. Yeah buyers seem to change their minds a lot, I've had buyers who just refused to answer emails or even to communicate that they have changed their minds. After 7 days you can just mark as unpaid and relist the item. Annoying I know, but at least you don't have to repost the item.
  8. Good news! Buyer decided to pay today! Yay! Now just printing postage, pack it nicely and to the post office I go!
  9. Yay thats great news! :tup: