Need Black Grand Shopping Tote w/ GH

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  1. Not sure if I will have more success finding this than I've had finding the Maxi Caviar w/ GH, but it's worth a shot! Please let me know if you stumble upon one...

    Thank you!!!!!!
  2. Drat! I don't have an Amex nor NM card!!!!!

    But thank you so much for the quick reply!
  3. Someone said that you can buy giftcards with any credit card and use those.
  4. Sorry it sold!! Bummer
  5. Aw, shoot! Thanks so much, anyway!
    I guess I will try calling around this weekend!
    The tote will be going up in price on Feb 1 too, I imagine?
  6. TRY this she emailed and I believe she said she can get one for you.

    Winnie Ashwood Neiman Marcus - Designer Handbags Tampa Bay 813 877 5700 x 2123
  7. Oh yes Winnie is AMAZING! Good call! Oh but she is at NM and OP does not have NM or AMEX.
  8. Thanks very much, I just called her (and told her the ladies of the PF were singing her praises - she laughed) and she put me on the waiting list!

    So, thanks so much again ladies, you ROCK!!!!
    My birthday is on Monday and this would be the best gift!!! :biggrin:
  9. P.S. Regarding my not having Amex or NM cards, she suggested I get a NM gift card or Amex gift card
  10. Ah yes I heard that works good to know! Thanks
  11. OMIGOSH!!! I got the grand shopping tote just now over the phone!!!!!

    Thank you sooo much to the lady who PMed me the SA info in Miami...she was so lovely - I did tell her you recommended her to me.

    I am so sorry I forgot your username as I deleted my PMs by accident, but your real name starts with "C" (don't wanna say her name here for privacy reasons).

    My birthday is on Monday (Feb 1) - yes my bday happens to fall on the Chanel price increase day! lol but thankfully I got my bag pre-price increase! Best bday gift EVAH!!!

    Thanks you soooo very much once again! (I hope you read this) :hugs::cloud9:
  12. Oh, and thank you also to all the other kind helpful ladies who replied here as well! :flowers:
  13. You are very welcome and Happy, Happy Birthday........:biggrin: