Need Birthday Gift Ideas For A 13 YR. Old Girl

  1. Hi everyone. My step-daughter will be turning 13 this month and my husband and I have no idea what to get her. She doesn't want money, has tons of clothes, a MP3 player. My husband asked her what she wanted and she said she didn't know. He is stressing abit on this, so I told him that I would ask everyone here what they would think. What are 13 year old girls into these days? Let me know. Thanks a bunch.
  2. What's your budget? Is your SD a girly girl or a tomboy?
  3. HMMMMMM...When my daughter turned 13..We gave her a huge private party at Dave & Busters in Philly...with all her friends.She loved it...If they have no list of wants..I ususally give them a Gift card to their fave store for when they are ready to shop.
  4. Well she's both a girly girl and sports girl, if you know what I mean. I have no clue how much he wants to spend on her. A gift card would be an idea. I should run that thru him.
  5. Since this is a purse forum, maybe you could get her a bag? It doesn't even have to be a pricey one either. A Coach perhaps? :confused1:
  6. A gift card for a particular store can be difficult sometimes (especially with my 14 year old). My friend got my daughter a pre-paid VISA card that she loved. She could use it online and at any store. I think you can get them at any bank. I can't remember what they are called but will find out from my daughter in the morning. You can also 'top' them up.
  7. She doesn't carry purses and she doesn't take care of her things all that good. It was alot easier when she was younger, just buy lots of Barbie dolls. LOL!! We bought her a big stereo for X-Mas last year and she doesn't even play it. So it's like I told DH, I have no clue what she wants.
  8. i vote a visa prepaid card thingy
    my little sister is the same way
    she wants a juicy daydreamer for christmas so she can match her big sister
    but i think we are just going to get a look-a-like
    (i know its terrible buying fakes but she'll mess it up!!!!!)
    bc shes a tomboy/girly so its really hard
    i would go with the credit card thing
    that way you cant mess up haha
  9. How about taking her on a trip hubby and i struggled thinking of Christmas gifts for my girls one year so we did a trip to Disney instead...Disney may be to young for her but maybe taking her and her friends to an amusement park or something might be fun. Or on a it is a great excuse for a vacation for you as well;)
  10. Im 17 and really love the idea of a private party or one of the prepaid AMEX cards or the Visa one's.:flowers:
  11. i too vote prepaid visa giftcard. that age is so hard to shop for and they're so fickle. however i'd attach it to something...a family picture or maybe even a mid priced piece of jewelry (a locket, inexpensive pearl earrings). that way she gets to buy what she wants, but also gets something sentimental.
  12. We got our girls a prepaid cell phone at that age. (That way they can't run up a huge bill and if its lost, you just get it shut off.)
  13. Hi there,

    I think you never can go wrong with that pre-paid Visa idea so she can choose herself what she wants :yes:

    Another thing that came to my mind was a spa treatment. I don't know your daughter, but don't all teen girls just love to get pampered?! :love: I know I did.
  14. oh another thing, please don't get me wrong (I don't mean to offend you or anything :flowers: , I just want to bring something too your attention), but if you get a that Visa thingy:

    Whatever you do, don't criticize her decision. I know I HATED it when my parents/relatives/etc gave me money/gift certificates/etc for b-days/xmas/etc, I went and got something I liked and they went "you bought WHAT?!"