Need Birkin Help 911 !!!!!!!!

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Mar 20, 2006
I think my husband is planning on getting me a birkin for my birthday (Way in November) but he's trying to surprise me. My mom has been asking me my opinion on the birkin etc. trying to pick me in so many attempts, my question for you ladies is that I need help choosing the right one for me. I am 5'6 and 125 pounds and really unfamiliar with birkins or kellys but I do know that I love the shape, the many different colors and the overall style of the bag not to mention the statement the bag makes. Can you help me choose, Oh by the way I'll be making 26, if that matters at all and I am a fun girly girl too. Thanks
Hi and wecome! Go to the top two threads with "stitckies" for help with some info. Then go to the "stars with Hermes" thread for some serious Birkin eye candy and ideas.

What colors are your favorites overall?
Well, for my first Birkin - you can't go wrong with the classic black togo, palladium hardware for a more fun / casual look, or gold hardware for a more elegant look.

Congratulations on your birthday, and what a great husband too !
I would agree that you should figure out what colors are your favorites -- along with what would go with your wardrobe. For me, I have a couple of black bags and that seems like a basic so I just an orange - I like bright colors and have been loving orange for a couple of years! bag down the road will be one of the blues - they are gorgeous!:love:
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