Need Bayswater advice

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  1. I've been browsing a lot of old threads as I decide whether to add another Bayswater to my purse collection. I have a Pocket Bayswater in black NVT; it's a gorgeous bag, my first Mulberry, and I use it for formal work occasions when I need to carry a lot of stuff. It gets heavy, though, but the shape is so classic.

    I also have a double zip Bayswater in glossy goat. It's a gorgeous bag and very ladylike. I used it regularly for work for a few weeks but I started to get some aches in my arm and set the purse aside for a few months in case that was the cause.

    I would like to add a classic Bayswater (no extra pockets or other embellishments) as my third Mulberry bag. I have been browsing all the discount websites such as Gilt and Bluefly and also on eBay. I actually ordered a chocolate Bayswater but then returned it as I felt it was too close to the black NVT to justify.

    But then I regretted the return, so I have re-ordered the chocolate Bays and it is on its way. It is returnable, and I am waiting to see if I will keep it.

    In the meantime, I've been looking into glossy goat Bayswaters. It is such a hardy leather and there are a couple listed here and there. I am also thinking of branching out into a brighter color, but then I see pictures of neutral bags and pictures of multiples in which the neutrals all look useful in their own way.

    Your advice? If I do get a third Mulberry/2nd Bayswater should I go for a neutral such as chocolate, which is in my comfort zone, at the risk of having semi-duplicate dark colors OR should I go for a brighter or lighter color at the risk of being outside my comfort zone?
  2. How about oxblood?
  3. Oxblood is a good option and not too close to black. Have you considered the small bayswater satchel? Great bag with the bayswater DNA (and crossbody option) if you don't need to carry A4 documents. Might solve your back issue.
  4. I agree with the other posters, if you're looking for something slightly different but still dark then go for oxblood.

    I have a queen green bays and it gets the most compliments out of all my bags, purely because I think it stands out more. The brighter colours really do look good in the bays.
  5. I have got 5 oxblood bags and it is a very easy colour to wear. I agree about the bayswater satchel I have 2 and they are great everday bags. My classic bay sits in the cupboard because it us too heavy when full and I don't like the look of it when empty!
  6. I don't know how to multi-quote so I will say thank you to everybody so far for your quick replies! SBS is an interesting idea. I have to admit I hadn't been thinking of that model. I think my questions stem from a lot of different issues:

    - need to pare down for an ergonomic carry/need to pare down in general. I am in the midst of spring cleaning and assessing exactly what items in my closet to keep. The designer bags are gorgeous but honestly overall don't get much use.
    - need to assess daily electronic devices. So far I have been carrying my laptop daily for work (not in a Mulberry but in a nylon bag) but I have an iPad on order that may reduce some of the weight.
    - generally I spend a lot of time on eBay and the discount sites browsing the offerings. It's like going to the grocery store when I don't need much - things tend to get on my radar and even if I wasn't even contemplating a purchase, I will start reading reviews, getting on tPF, and so on. I am sure you understand!
  7. I'd like to follow up my original post by asking more information about the Glossy Goat leather in particular. I have it in the Double Zip and have liked its texture and durability, though my bag hasn't been used very long/regularly for me to comment on long-term durability.

    I was very tempted by new-to-me Glossy Goat Bayswaters, and I saw several older posts talking about them from back in 2014/2015. One of the Deer Brown Glossy Goat owners mentioned it seemed particularly scuff-prone, but at least one other person talked about how their Glossy Goat looked brand new after regular use.

    Is the material prone to surface scuffs, such as on the handles?
  8. I own midnight blue shiny goat and think it is very hardwearing.
    scroll down on the thread linked below

    I rarely use my chocolate bayswater to be honest (same with my oak). If I am not using colours like black, navy or grey then I absolutely love blackforest (which is not as dark as oxblood), eggplant and electric blue. I feel that you need a pop of colour for your wardrobe.

    I don't think you could go wrong with a burgundy colour or a nice bright blue. They are more versatile than you think.
  9. I agree regarding oxblood/burgundy colours. They actually go with so much.
    I get so much use out of
    blackforest bayswater
    oxblood medium lily and
    oxblood medium daria hobo.

    These bags are used as much as their black versions! I can see why you own 5 oxblood bags. It is a lovely colour :smile: Which styles do you have in the oxblood?

  10. My oxbloods are Tessie tote, Tessie saddlebag, Tessie hobo, Bayswater satchel, medium Jamie and tree purse.
  11. I've finally found an owner of a tessie hobo! How do you find it? I'm thinking of getting one in Oxblood too.

    Lovely bags by the way!
  12. Oooh lovely! I would love a tessie tote! Please share photos of your collection if you haven't already.

  13. I don't use it very much if I'm honest. I bought it when I was told oxblood was seasonal and as I had the purse, tote and shoulder bag I wanted a bigger handbag and it was available. I probably would not have got it if I knew it was to become a permanent colour. Once I got the small bay I stopped using it.

  14. I will do soon.
  15. Thanks for your honesty! Will give this bag some thought. Look forward to seeing a picture of your collection. :smile: