Need Bag Suggestions!

  1. I am going to Florida at the end of March & needed some suggestions on a bag that i'll be bringing to the parks (disney, seaworld, universal). i need something that is less than $200, large, lightweight & able to be carried across the body (hands-free!) i found one by tano that i love, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!! TIA.
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  3. When I go to those places, where you may/may not get splashed w/some water here and there or bump into people, I just wear my Lesportsac. I wouldn't want to risk taking a leather bag. I have a Prada nylon messenger bag I can wear across, so I guess I can use that, but it's over $200.
  4. How about a Lesportsac?

    I use it for everyday stuff, like supermarket shopping, taking my pup to the dogpark...
  5. yeah, that's a good idea. maybe a cloth or nylon bag. thanks.
  6. Hey there....I was a picture of Hilary Duff the other day ....she had a great Marc Jacobs bag...and a Le SportSac travel suggestion is one of the LE SportSac bags...they have some great fun colors ...good prices...perfect for this trip!! Go to their website...they have a lot of fun are a few I like....
    lesportsac.jpg molly.jpg lesportsactraveltote.jpg
  7. correction to above....I saw Hilary Duff ....temporary dyslexia -- or twisted typing...sorry
  8. Go for a Lesportsac...lightweight and not that expensive and you can sling it across your body - perfect.
  9. look at this toki lesportsac site. the stuff is fun, lightweight and utilitarian.

    OR, you can just wait until you hit florida, b/c there are TWO Coach outlets very close to eachother....... God bless Orlando.
  10. I suggest Longhamp