Need bag Help!

  1. A few years back my mother bought a chanel bag from Selfridges [London I think] that she no longer needs. The bag is in great condition but I have a problem which is stopping me from auctioning it - I have no idea what bag it is!

    If you could help me out with a nice little descrption or at least tell me the name of the bag and what sort of price it's worth i'd be very grateful :smile:

    PS. Will be posting eBay link on forum within the next week! ;)

  2. nobody willing to help out :sad:
  3. You might want to post in the Chanel forums, the girls over there will be much more knowledgeable!
  4. I think that's a chanel quilted flap..
  5. It's the Chanel 2.55/Classic Flap, but the girls over in the Chanel subforum would probably be able to pin down the size and year for you. Good luck!