Need bag for 17 inch laptop

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  1. I've been searching the site for bags that would fit for my 17 inch laptop. I've been looking at diaper bags as they seem large enough to hold but it's really hard to tell by the pics, and sellers seem to report a range of dimensions for the same bags (I've been looking on eBay). I live in Hawaii and the closest Coach outlet is on Oahu (I live on the outer islands). So if you have a 17 inch laptop, what bag are you using?

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. you can use the Heritage Stripe Multifunctional bag..
  3. I can tell you that the Addison Business Bag/Tote is NOT big enough for my 17" MacBookPro.
  4. Most Coach bags and briefcases will not hold a 17" laptop. I don't know about the muti-functional totes.
  5. Unless you get into actual briefcases I'd be willing to bet that if you want anything that's more "girly" you'll have to go w/ the heritage stripe multi-finction tote like OP said. That's NOT a bad thing though, they wear like iron, they are easy to clean and have a simple yet fun design!!! Not to mentin they come in sooo many different color combo's from this season and seasons past!!!
  6. I use the varyk nylon computer bag in black for my 17" HP laptop and it barely fits but its snug. my old baby Hamptons tote would only hold a 15" laptop in the baby mat sleeve section.
  7. Thanks everyone!