Need assistance w finding CZ jewels

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  1. My mother was just diagnosed w dimentia and we don’t want her to wear her real diamonds. Looking dor. DBTY necklace and a 1 carat CZ solitaire ring. Any ideas where I should look.
  2. Berricle
  3. Have you considered moissanite instead? MoissaniteCo is good.
  4. Wink cz
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  5. Thanks! I will check them out.
  6. Ziamond has some nice pieces. My friend’s husband is a jeweler and he couldn’t tell the difference with out a jeweler loop.
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  7. Try QVC, they typically have Diamonique dbty necklaces.
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  8. Thanks! That is amazing.

    Forgot about QVC.

    Great ideas!
  9. I bought a Moissanite ring from JTV. It was not good. The stone was yellow cast. I sent it back right away.
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