Need assistance-Guccisima Pelham

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  1. Before I came across this forum last week, I purchased a Guccisima Black Pelham and a beige/ebony GG fabric Pelham medium bags on eBay. Little did I know that that move was a big mistake. As soon as I got to reading the posts and other links regarding authenticity, I immediately returned the beige/ebony GG fabric Pelham. I was hoping that the Guccisima will be authentic because the seller stated that she bought it at the Gucci store in Dallas, I was surprise to find out that I now have doubts regarding its authenticity.
    For those of you that have a guccisima pelham could you answer these questions...
    Does the tab closure snap say YIK FUNG?
    Is the inside lining fabric green & black OR red & black?
    Is the inside pocket zipper engraved with GUCCI?
    Is the leather trim grainy or has a smooth texture?

    For anybody who can answer, do you know where I can have these authenticated. The seller is asking for one before he can deal with this.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Welcome to the forum!

    My Poupette will authenticate for a nominal fee:

    And they are accepted by eBay/Paypal.

    The snap closure should say "GUCCI". But I don't own a Pelham, so I'd let others answer your questions.

    Good luck.
  3. PLEASE post all authenticity questions in the AUTHENTICATE THIS thread..Also put lots of interior and exterior pics so we can help ya out!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.