Need ASAP advice on how to get rid of bruises on my legs


Mar 25, 2008
I dug up all the old threads, but they seem all about the bruises left after extracting pimples. I really need the help urgently on how to get rid of bruises on my legs.:crybaby:

I was on the very crowded bus today and unbelievably these completely rude children bruised me up like a war veteran. I repeatedly asked these kids to hold on, but they kept falling and bumping badly into my legs and now I just got home and I have horrific bruises all over my legs.

The problem is that my birthday is on Friday and I have this big dinner party planned and even a cute dress picked out. I rarely get to wear dresses - only maybe a couple times a year, so I was really looking forward to finally wearing a dress.

Please help, all advice will be appreciated. :sad: