Need answer please!!

  1. So i decided to let a buyer return my purse after she change her mind her reason is that the pocket in the purse look torn . Anyway, i told her that i'll have to minus her shipping . I guess my question for you guys is that will eBay return my final fee ( not listing fee, i know i have to eat that) i honetly think i'm done with eBay.:tdown:
  2. You have to file a non-paying bidder/mutual withdrawal agreement. Make sure you contact the buyer before you file, and let her know that it will not give her a strike, it just lets eBay know that you both agreed to withdraw from the transaction. If you don't, people tend to freak.
  3. ^
    I always explain that it is just so I can recover the fees that were imposed by Ebay because of the transaction. No transaction - no fees... No one has ever had a problem with it...and neither have I, when asked.
  4. Don't let one bad experience put you off there are lots of great/sellers and buyers out there!