NEED ANSWER FAST!!! When ordering from ELUX do you need to check gift box to get LV

  1. NEED ANSWER FAST!!! When ordering from ELUX do you need to check gift box to get LV Box? This is my 1st EVER LV purchase and I really want the LV box too!
  2. DON'T CHECK IT!!!

    eLuxury always ships the bag in the LV box, so there's no need to check the gift box option
  3. I've ordered from Eluxury twice and I received a box with my order both times. I didn't "check any boxes" upon checkout nor did I make any special requests for a box. I think that it's automatically included in your order.
  4. i ordered a few times and ALWAYS got boxes and NEVER checked it from LV and dior
  5. Oh good to know, I will uncheck the gift box so I do not get an elux box instead of LV! Thank you so much for the quick reply...I am going to buy !!YIPEE!
  6. For all LV items it will come with LV box so I thinks it doesn't matter wheather you check the box or not..
  7. Hooray! What are you getting?
  8. what did you order?
  9. Speedy 25, I figure if it is too small (it would suck) but I could return for 30 if I needed to.
  10. Congrats,can't wait to see the it mono or damier?? I love my mono 25..
  11. Congrats! Can't wait to see photos. :smile:
  12. Yeah im thinking of getting a mono speedy 25 too after seeing everyone else's cute bags!

    Did u use ******???
  13. I did it!!! I got the Mono 25 and I am SO excited, I sure hope the shipping is fast and that I am home when it comes so someone can sign for it!!!
    I will def. post pics!!!
  14. do share pics with us. congrats!
  15. Congrats! I looooooooove the speedy..and u will too!
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