Need an opinion...


Dec 13, 2005
What do you guys think about using a leather Guccissima in the summer..I am so torn on either getting a black leather or beige fabric large gucci hobo....I am losing sleep at night over this. If I don't decide soon...I know they'll be gone. Please help!
i don't know, i have the suede one, and that definitely isn't good for the summer... =( i would get fabric for summer. or leather, just don't get suede.
i'd say the only thing that looks really out of place in summer is suede (or tweed and wool, but that's not the issue at hand here). i like buying bags in colored or metallic leather because they can usually go either season. i'm not sure exactly which colors/fabrics you're talking about, so i'd love to see some pics!
the beige/ebony gg large horsebit w/ brown handle and the large black leather horsebit guccissima in black I am sorry not to have any pics..but the photos are unavailable on suprise there) although the have it in ble. I really love this is a dream cum true...I am such a purse junkie! LOL
i think it's definately harder to wear a black leather bag in summer. i'd go with the beige fabric, but i'm partial to brown and tan bags lately. since black is neutral, though, you can wear it whenever, even though you might feel a little uncomfortable with it in summer, so i'd say just buy whichever one you love more, because ultimately you'll get more use out of a bag you love than one that you bought for utility's sake.
I dont see anything wrong with a leather bag in Summer. Leather pants-NO! Bag-SO! Get canvas if u can but if not leather isnt seasonal. Now suede is. And stop losing sleep girl:amuse: ! It's just a bag. Get your beauty rest.
I would go with the beige fabric, although there is absolutely nothing wrong with black leather in the summer. I think if you are using the bag for work, you can definitely get a lot of use out of the leather bag. But anyway, I think you should go with the beige fabric. Although I am not a fan of browns with black, I think that because it is beige and logo'd, it will look really nice if you need to dress it up - and definitely nice for the summer!
For x-mas I am found out I'm either getting a Brown Leather Horbit, or the white leather one, either way brown and white work in the winter, and both look great in the summer, just stick to a nuetral color, fabric GG is okay, but I'm getting tired of all the logo's everywhere. Leather especially brown goes all year round!
I would carry any material other than suede in the summer...tho', I have a rather broken in suede fringed Hogan (the older style) that is just casual and hippy-ish enough to work year round.
I went w/ beige gg fabric...Thanks for all the advice...::sigh::am so nervous about dealing w/ after my friend had a horrendous experience...and yes am sick of logo fabrics as well..however all the styles I like are in logo...Plus i tend to stick w/ more classic degigners...Now am on a mission for 2 items:
Dior fire sunglasses and a sm gucci boston bag w/ white trim. Of course after I pay off my charge...Anyone know of a new great summer bag??