Need an opinion on a woc.

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  1. I have a rect 14c red caviar mini but I just saw the timeless dk pink and really liked it. Essentially I guess they have the same purpose. Is it silly to get the woc since the color is in the same realm as the red and the same purpose?
  2. With a mini you still need to carry a small card case or coin case but with a woc you have all the compartments for everything. I find my woc can hold more than my mini. It is definitely not silly if you manage to return the mini for woc.
  3. Not silly! Different bags in different colors :tup:
  4. yup! just buy what you like or whatever is useful to you
  5. +1:smile:
  6. Lol I have the 14c mini also. And I just picked up the fuchsia woc. My collection has only begun so I figure I will add more colors later.
  7. Well if you love both why not have both? I think both can serve different purposes.... The WOC can be a great grab and go day time errand bag and the mini could be your evenings out type of bag. And 14c red is different than the dark raspberry pink so you have more options for matching different hued outfits....
  8. I had a feeling you ladies would suggest I get the woc. :smile:
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    Elizshop,go get the dark pink WOC, love that beautiful raspberry pink!!!!:love:
  10. Another +1:tup:
  11. I don't think silly. I have more than 1 woc and 2 are black.
  12. Totally get the WOC
  13. Cannot go wrong owning a WOC :smile:
  14. I have a WOC and still want a mini! So i think its perfectly ok to have both, if you love both and have the budget for it
  15. I like the longer chain length of the WOC over the mini (though I love the look of the mini!) tough choice!