Need an opinion....keep or sell

  1. Greetings all from the Baked Apple...
    I am in a quandary. I am in the horrible place of having to make the keep/sell decision that some of us know so well. I have to part with some of my bags for very good reasons. One, I bought the Damier Speedy but that was proceeded by purchases of a Keepall, a Speedy mono 30 and a Speedy mono 25. That's too much realistically for me to absorb. The 25 is a no brainer, because I really like a larger bag and I have used it twice (ebay fever special) I know I have to sell something else in addition and I am torn between a Speedy 30 that's older (1997) nicely aged and a new one (2005). Is it better to sell the older, because I am sure that it's the real deal? or do I sell the newer one, but have receipt? I know that there were problems with newer models, I really can't decide and I have to come to a decision. We're in a heat wave, my brain is shut down and can't consider the question. So any input is appreciated. Thanks. P.S. I want to keep the kepall and one Speedy out of all that. I am very sad.
  2. Don't be sad. It is hard to say which to sell without pics. Maybe sell the one you think you will miss less. Easier said than done, I know.
  3. I would keep the older Speedy that has already patina-ed.
  4. Thank you. I must confess that I don't know how to post pictures to this. I don't want it to look like I'm soliciting, which I am not, But I do have a picture of my older speedy. I really like that one--it's so comforting! It has a beautiful dark honey patina, but I got the newer one, in a shopping frenzy. Then I got the Damier and came to. my senses.
  5. Mmm sounds like you like your old Speedy more so keep that and sell the new one:shrugs: . Since you have the receipt,take some good pictures for your listing and you should be able to recoup most of your $$$$. Good luck !:flowers:
  6. However, if you keep the newer one it'll develop a patina that YOU gave it and yes it will take longer to achieve as this one already has it but the older one will do very very dark quicker...
    you may prefer the patina to be very very dark but personally i prefer the honey colour and you will have this for alot longer with the newer speedy.

    good luck with your decision btw, its a tough one