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  1. Hi! This morning, after reading one particular CL post, I learned a few things (I'm a 'newbie' to the life of forums). One thing I didn't realize is that one reason to post pictures is to help legitimize what's being stated within your post. I hadn't bothered to show pictures in my previous postings, so I figure it's time give it a try in the hopes that I might better fit into this forum!

    OK, so let's have some fun! Through a long series of events, I ended up with both the Patent Iowa (non-platform) and the Patent Iowa Zeppa (platform). I've worn the Iowa Zeppas and they cannot be returned (I'm the dummy in a previous post that wore them for 5 hours and paid a painful price for 5 days thereafter). I haven't worn the Iowas and I can still return them. Here's my question: Should I keep both pairs of shoes? My immediate answer is, 'No, Silly, they're too much alike!'. BUT, the plain Iowa is SO much more comfy, and a bit more understated then the Iowa Zeppa. Would it be a waste of money to keep both styles? What would you do? Am I indeed acting silly for wanting to possess both pairs, being that they are so similar? I have to say, after viewing the photos and noticing how alike they appear, I'm leaning towards returning them...

    Note: the first image is the Iowa the second is the Iowa Zeppa!

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  2. Hmmm... I love them both and do see what you're saying, but I would personally return the pair you haven't worn and get another pair you love. That way you have two different styles that you can use :smile:. It's up to you :smile:
  3. Hi boston girl. WELCOME!!! :welcome: I have never thought that people post pics of their shoes to legitimize their post. Most of us are so excited to get the shoes that we want to show them to "the CL gang". Also, it helps others see what the shoes look like IRL on a foot. It is very helpful to get feedback from the CL fans, both good and bad.

    Now, onto your Iowas......they are lovely on your feet! I actually prefer the non-platform style on your foot. Since you have worn the pair you do not like, I would just sell them on e-bay. I never sold on ebay until I started buying CLs. Since the sizing is all over the board, sometimes you need to unload a pair and you cannot return it to the store or the ebay seller. It is very easy to sell, and luckily they sell quickly since CLs are such in demand shoes.

    P.S. Your pup loves CLs too!!! Too cute.
  4. I don't think it is silly to keep both styles. While similar, the platform gives a much edgier look to the shoe.
    I guess it would depend on how "complete" my collection was. If there were several different styles I was lusting after, I might return the unworn ones.
  5. bg~ I think these give off very different vibes, and each will accentuate outfits in different ways. I vote to keep both. :yes:
  6. they're both cute but you should return the pair you haven't worn to avoid losing $
  7. I prefer the Iowa zeppas--I'm surprised the platform isn't more comfy!?

    I'd return the Iowas and get a different pair. There are so many unique styles ... JMHO!

    Good luck & welcome!!!
  8. ITA :yes: I prefer the Zeppa on your foot and I find that once broken in platforms normally become v.comfy.
  9. it's not silly to own both IMO
  10. I have the Iowa Zeppa, and I find it actually comfortable and of course sexy. Since you find both to be similar, the choice would come down to comfort.
  11. I love them both on you. I like the Zeppas because they are funkier. But if you have a problem with comfort, they may sit in your closet and never see the light of day. I would probably keep the Iowas and sell the Iowa Zeppas.
  12. well if you already wore the ones you don't like them you can't return them. so i would suggest (like lynn said) selling them on ebay and keeping the ones you REALLY love
  13. I agree with Lynn and Sara. Keep the ones you like and sell the ones you don't. In the long run you will be much happier.
  14. Thank you everyone... such good advice! It's hard to part with these beautiful shoes, even when the styles are so darn similar! I've never had this kind of issue with any other brand of shoe, or any other purchase for that matter! CLs have cast a spell upon me...
  15. Hi Boston girl and welcome!

    I love both of these styles and just as others have mentioned already, each shoe has a different feel and can be worn completely different although they are essentially the same style.
    The Iowa seems more like a day shoe - you could easily wear this to work or with a 'pretty' flowy dress, whereas the Iowa Zeppas are more of an evening shoe because that platform gives it a sexier feel.
    Could the comfort level of the Iowa Zeppas be due to sizing issues? How did you size in them? Are they the same size as the Iowas?
    If it were me - I would keep both.