Need an item number for these earrings

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  1. Does anyone have an item number for these earrings? Thanks ;)

  2. I'm sorry I don't have it, but I love those!
  3. those are so cute!
  4. Thanks girls, I'm hoping either someone has them, or can share the item number.

    Thanks :woohoo:

    Shelley, did you ever find the earrings you were looking for?
  5. Hi DD, I talked to my SA and he said he located a pair for me. I'm hoping they'll get here soon. I can't wait to wear them as a set with the necklace.:yahoo:
  6. Great news Shelley! :tup::yahoo::yes:
  7. those are absolutely adorable.
  8. I just got off the phone with my Chanel SA, and it turns out Chanel didn't order them. I'm searching elsewhere, but I hope to find them at Saks.
  9. Style # is A38481 Y02008

    I just got them at Saks today, PM me if you want info. I believe my SA has more pairs.
  10. Really cute!!!

  11. much were they? Any modeling pics? I don't know why but I feel very iffy about post earrings that hang lower than my ear...does anyone else feel this way?
  12. Thanks, I had a friend pick them up for me.