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Sep 20, 2005

Cleavage Cupcakes
For added lift when a push-up bra alone just won't do, add Cleavage Cupcakes 100% silicone gel bra inserts for instant rising action. Looks and feels like the real thing. $39
Haha.. better not take that on a date. What if anything happens later in the night and the guy finds those-- that would be weird to say the least!
I really don't know what the point it behind this product. I mean, you are trying to impress with bigger breast... fine. But what happens if the one you're trying to impress actually finds out that you faked it?

Ehm... yeah.
^^^I've always wondered about that too :lol: I mean when the clothes come off and her boobs are smaller than his kid sister's hes going to feel seriously deceived!:suspiciou :lol:
There was a silly song that was popular on the radio when I was in college called "The Biggest Parakeets In Town". Read the lyrics all the way through and you'll see how it relates to this topic...

The Biggest Parakeets in Town
( Jud Strunk )

Some folks I know keep looking
For rare old coins and stamps.
While others see what's cooking
In antique books and lamps.
Some hobbies are like slavery,
There's one too tough for words.
This girl has got an aviary,
And you should see her birds.....

She's got chanticleers and dickey birds,
Intelligent and tricky birds,
That make the boys all want to hang around.
Her crow is black and shiny,
Her hummingbirds are tiny,
But she's got the biggest parakeets in town!

She's got cockatoos and bobolinks,
In royal blue and dusty pinks,
And you should see them hangin' upside down.
Oh, it's thrilling to behold her,
When she wings them past her shoulder,
'Cause she's got the biggest parakeets in town!

And every night
When she gets into bed,
She puts each one on a pillow.
Oh, they sound like Bing,
When they start to sing,
"Tweet willow, tweet willow, tweet willow."

After holding them and petting them,
She gets a thrill in letting them,
Go swingin' from the ceiling to the ground.
Ask anyone who's seen 'em.
It's hard to choose between 'em.
'Cause she's got the biggest parakeets in town!

Imagine her in love one day,
As she tells her fiance, "Okay!"
On the day the wedding rolls around.
Although he loves the ground she stands on,
He can't wait to get his hands on,
The biggest parakeets in town.

Well, picture on their wedding night,
When hubby, dear, turns off the light,
And wakes in the mornin' with a frown.....
As he goes to caress her,
He sees them on the dresser...
The biggest parakeets in town!
(She's really got 'em, boy!)
The biggest parakeets in town!
(They're enormous!)

I remember an OLD SNL skit (I think it was Gilda Radner and Jane Curtain). They were two girls talking about this sorta topic. The advice was to keep the lights off -- everything feels bigger than it is (they used the example of zits or bugbites!) and to not lie on your back so your boobs don't fall into your armpits!

What is is? 20, 25 years later and I remember that?!
LOL I stopped wearing those...especially with the reason Megs gave. That's just messed up!!!

But usually when I do find myself (wearing those)...I always "freshen' up" at the bathroom. LOL Won't go to details but...yeah. LOL hehe