Need an everyday bag

  1. I'm looking at purchasing the Coach Pebbled Leather Shoulder Tote. I have a few questions and hope you ladies can help. Also, does anyone have pictures they can share wearing this bag?

    1) Since this bag does not have a closure, do you find your items fall out easily?

    2) I wear mostly black to work, but outside of work, strickly casual. Will this bag go with both types of outfits?

    3) Do you think an almost 43 yr. old woman can wear a Coach bag? Seems to me I see so many younger gals wearing these bags (mostly signature)?

  2. I have the same bag, but in black signature. It can fit a lot of things. I love it a lot.

    sometimes the items fell out from the bag, but only once in awhile.

    What color are you getting? I think the black is better, the brown is more casual. But brown seems the color of this winter. I saw a very very nice wool coat in brown :smile:

    I think the bag is for every age. More mature ladies, not for teen.
  3. I don't own this bag, but I do have other bags with no closure. Usually if smaller items are kept in cases (glasses cases, cosmetics cases, etc.) there is less risk of things falling out and they are protected and easier to pick up if they do.

    Coach bags are definitely not only for younger women. Just like any other line of bags, there are certain styles designed to appeal to a younger audience. But a quality pebbled black bag is timeless and for all ages.

    Regarding black or brown, I would choose what coordinates best with your wardrobe. I haven't found black to be too formal to wear with anything, from suits to jeans, but that may just be me.
  4. I have this bag in camel and love it. It holds everything you need and then some. So far, I haven't had anything fall out of the bag, but I find that the leather tends to collapse somewhat at the top and provides a bit more security.

    I don't know what color you're thinking of getting, but if you're using this as a work and casual bag, I'd go for the black.

    Honestly, I think a woman of any age can pull this bag off. Most of the younger girls I see are carrying the signature bags instead of leather.

    If you love it, I say go for it.
  5. I don't have this bag but I do have the small hobo in black leather with the turnlock closure and I can definitely say I love the material. It's almost worry free. I've got caught in the rain a few times with it and it still looks great.
  6. I have this bag in the denim patchwork. I love it! Like Maxie said, the bag tends to "collapse" a bit when you sit it down so things don't fall out too easily. It fits securely under my arm when I'm carrying it so I feel pretty secure that things will stay put. And I think any age can wear Coach! I'm 32 and I just wear what I like... :smile:
  7. At 36, I enjoy carrying a variety of Coach styles. I didn't even think about designer bags when I was in my late teens, early twenties, nor did I have the cash for them back then.