need an every day bag! ..TOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM!

  1. nothing in the high hundreds just yet, i like leather, i can be kind of funky but kind of classic. i wear sweats or jeans and a tee, or shorts and a tank top, and it would be nice to be able to fit a phone, agenda, another agenda sized book (3 x 5), small camera, chanel sunglass case, glasses case, toiletries, small wallet, ipod, that type of thing.. any suggestions, especially with the sale going on? TIA!!:shame:
  2. you should check out the anna corinna bags, they are a really cool distressed leather and the prices are really good. i particularly like the city tote and the lady duffle. look on or
    Lady Duffle Butterscotch (scale).JPG City Tote Slate.JPG City Tote Moss.JPG
  3. i really like the last one and i think it's perfect for your needs...:nuts::supacool:
  4. the middle and last bags are the same bag, it comes with both straps so you can wear it 2 ways.
  5. Are the last 2 pics of the mini-city or the full size city?
  6. by the way luna boston has 20% off using code grechen
  7. it is the full size city tote. you can also get 20% at active endeavors if you type in code toutie!
  8. Wow! Love that Duffle bag, never heard of this designer before thanks, something new to me to look at.
  9. I have the small Citi tote. It's a great great light bag. The size is perfect for me, but if you have books you may need the bigger one.
  10. I've been eyeing the mono-city! So cute
  11. balenciaga city is perfect for everyday :P
  12. oh let me go check those out! i mean i know it sounds like i carry alot, but when it comes down to it i really dont, i can stuff at the most a burberry blue label cosmetic bag. so if anyone else can suggest any medium sized shoulder bags, please let me know! now let me go check out those above mentioned :smile: thanks again!
  13. i love the city one in that dark leather, it looks SO yummy! also going through that site that kooba chiara in the purple.. still looking!
  14. I love this bag from BCBG Max Azria
    Cole Haan - $375
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