Need an answer for Speedy stiches.

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  1. Hello,

    I just bought an Speedy 30 damier ebene. But i can see on the handles near the louis vuitton little button, 6 stiches. How come? :confused1:

    On my damier azur, there was only 5 of it!!!

    How many are on yours??

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  2. where did u get it?,, Ive always known that LV only puts 5 stitches in all its models,, specially in the speedy.. so i guess it depends on where u got it.. cuz it may be fake =(
  3. 6 stitches is correct for the ebene damier speedy 30. I think perhaps the harder ebony leather needs that extra stitch. But I noticed this as well some time ago , but 6 is correct for your ebene 30 model. Congratulations on you new bag!
  4. Well i got it yesterday at the store.... so that's why i'm freaking out !! right now

    I remember on a guideline that every speedy 30 got only 5 stiches!!
    If it's a fake i'm going to take it back !!!!
  5. Oh thaaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuu !!! :biggrin: i'm relieved lol :nuts:

    I was like : "oh my gosh !! they switched the real for a fake when they were preparing the bag in the back" (i was told that story before for other brands)
  6. I just checked mine......Damier Azur 30, 5 stitches. Damier 25, 6 stitches. Relax and enjoy your new bag ;)
  7. euh u mixed it right? 30 : 6 stiches and 25 : 5 ?
  8. Nope, my smaller bag (damier 25) has 6 stitches. Southerncharm must be right that this material requires more of them. My azur Speedy 30 has 5, but they are bigger stitches.
  9. I just checked my damier ebene 35 and it has 6 stitches.
  10. You guys are right ! i worried too much !!

    it's just that nowadays i see so many fakes that i'm freakin even more.

    Thx !!!
  11. Relax... if you purchased it from an LV boutique, it's authentic... ;)
  12. ^^
    Agree. As long as you bought it an LV store, you will have no problems with it being fake. LV stores would never sell a fake to a customer.

    Enjoy your new purse!!
  13. I have damier ebene 30.. ur fine.. i have 6 stitches
  14. Hi everyone,
    I was really worried about this too. I have a damier ebene speedy 35 bought from LV and it has 6 stitches across the top.
    So Sweetgurl yours is real :smile:

    enjoy your bag, they are great x
  15. I would never, never, NEVER even dream about that! Did this really happen?