Need an advicer for my next purchase


Jan 6, 2006
Hi Ladys,
as I already experienced you have all a very good taste. I need a new college/work bag and I can't really make up my mind so some help will be really appreciated
here they come
!.lodge gm 2. lussac epi 3. batignolles vertical all LV

Oh and the mini pleaty just for spring but that's not a question because i'll buy it in the beginning of Feb. when my husband comes back from his business trip I'll get as a reward for not complaining on the phone how much work it is to be alone with our son for a week!!


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#2, the Epi - because you said college/work bag; so, I imagined you would need to put files, papers, etc in the bag. The Epi is also classic and timeless.
the epi is so chic and durable, i think that would be your best option for a college/work bag. i love the 3rd too, but something about the epi would make me feel so proud and definitely unique- i don't see many around here!
the ambre is the only collection that i am not so keen on. hmmh it is such a tough decision. i thought the lodge was the nicest but it probably is not as practical as a lussac epi and it is kind of sporty/girlie.
the monogram canvas is nice but all my lvs are monogram...
Seems that nobody likes the denim. may be i should reconsider or just wait and hope that lv comes out with a new murakami asap!

The problem is that I would prefer to have them all or the whole catalogue but that is staying a dream...
thanks a lot for helping me!!! :biggrin:

epi is probably making the race. i keep you updated when i made up my mind. sorry for my misspelling sometimes i am such a bad typer.
I don't really like the shape of the lodge, the pockets just really bother me for some reason.. haha. I love the batignolles vertical, that is just a bag that will look classic, out of all of the choices, I prefer it !