Need an advice...Vote!!!

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AR white first stock: which one should I buy?

  1. 07 Spring/Summer

  2. 06 Fall/Winter collection

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  1. Hi, here it is coming my fist Bday. Not birth, Bal day...:graucho:
    I need an advice.
    I WANT a white first, and I'm gonna buy it from AR.
    They say they have these two seasons' bags. Help me to decide which one to take, please vote and if you have further suggestions, please write!!!
    Are there many differences between them?
  2. Hm, that's a hard choice. Have you asked them which has thicker/smoother/softer leather? I'd describe to the SA what sort of leather you prefer and then see which they suggest.
  3. ITA :tup:!! Ask them to describe the leather, and see which is most to your liking!
  4. ^^ Oh definitely!! That way you know what you are getting!!:okay:
  5. I would deff. ask about the leather differences. Ask them if they will hold them side by side and describe/compare them. It sounds silly but you don't want to get stuck with bag with bad leather and have to return it.
  6. Thanks, I will ask and then report it to you...I don't want to choose by myself!!!That will be my first one, I'm not good at deciding! But I can count on you, and this makes me happy!Thanks, news will be back in few days!
  7. I remember the 06 White bags I used to have were very thick and soft. But definitely ask your SA about how the leather feels and looks. If you don't have an SA, ask for Seiko, she's super sweet and helpful.
  8. Thanks, but I'm going to order on line, so I don't know who answers my e-mails...but I will put her name in the Subject of the mail, so maybe she'll answer me!
    P.S. Will buy it in the first days of excited!
  9. Ok, so this is the reply about the two different bags: please, I need advice...

    (From AR)
    The leather of the ‘06 is really soft, distressed and smooshy, although it’s got a hint of gray in it and you can sort of see/expect the yellowing (very common for light colored Balenciaga bags).
    The ‘07 leather is more true white color but not much distressing(quite smooth), stiff and a little dry.

  10. i would pass these 2 bags and wait for f/w08. the 06 bag sounds okay but there's already signs of yellowing?? i don't know...wait for other ladies comments.
  11. i agree. you dont want a bag thats yellowing, but also not one thats stiff and dry. wait!
  12. :tup:I´d do that too.......but if I had to pick without seeing or describing it would be the -07


  13. Pass on these two bags and wait for another!
  14. Latest news:
    "...The 06 bag is more of a softer white compared to the 07 stark white. It doesn’t have the yellowing yet, but with use it may be more prone to yellowing quicker. With many lighter colored balenciaga bags, over time (probably due to sun exposure) the color starts to turn yellow..."

    So it's not yellowish now, but they tell me it will become so. Why won't the 07bag do the same?
    Anyone has problems with 07 SS white bags?
  15. 07 sounds better than 06, except for the dry leather part. Perhaps you could try another source other than AR?