need an accessory?!?!

  1. HELP!! I need something to keep my chapstick in becuase either it keeps falling out of my pocket or it gets lost in my purse...any suggestions???

  2. I keep mine in my mini skinny or in my wristlet with all my other lipgloss.
  3. i saw those lurex lipstick cases (with mirror) at my local outlet this weekend...the SA said they came to like $11 after the discount.

  4. Mini Skinny!
  5. $11?? I need to get one of those! :lol:
  6. Do you carry any other cosmetics with you? I'd suggest if you do, getting a small wristlet or cosmetics case and keeping it in there. Otherwise I think the lipstick case would be perfect. :smile: I always keep mine in the zipper pocket in my purse so I know exactly where to find it every time.
  7. I use a wristlet as my makeup case. It's small enough to fit in my purse and large enough to find it easily when I need it.
  8. i use a wristlet but that lipstick case for $11 sounds like a great deal!
  9. i would say a mini skinny or a wristlet, but i think the wristlet would work better
  10. what about a beauty case?
  11. OH! That little lipstick case is sooooo cute! OK, RAOK friend of mine... HINT HINT! hahahahahahahah!

    OK, so sorry, I'm REALLY bad! Anyway, that is really cute!
  12. i really dont wear makeup just chapstick and a vick's inhaler (im getting sick) some something small but who knows I could start wearing more makeup soon..hehe
  13. $11? I'd grab as many as I could! LOL!