need an accessory for Tivoli.. help?!

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  1. i will be buying my mom the tivoli pm next month and i wanted to get a little something to go with it. the tivoli will be her first LV, so to match that i thought i could get her a wallet. but for me, the wallets are quite expensive and i'm not sure if i can afford that.. so i'll see... what i have in mind for wallets is the mono pochette wallet (relatively lower in price and very functional), and i also like it in the sense that you don't have to fold the bills. IF i don't have enough money by then, i will probably get her a smaller accessory, and i'm deciding between the zippy coin purse, ludlow, mini pochette, or vernis cosmetic pouch. i'm leaning towards the cosmetic pouch (it's just TDF!!) because she can use it for the night and during the day, would it work as some sort of wallet where she can put her bills and coins in there? or should i go for zippy coin purse or ludlow? which one is more functional? lol sorry for the long post.
  2. Wow what a wonderful gift for your mom! Are the Tivoli PMs readily available in the boutiques?
  3. ^^ no.. there's still a waitlist.. but i think the boutiques are getting more frequent shipments now so it doesn't take THAT long to waitlist... for me it only took a little more than a week (i think.. lol don't really remember), but i gave it up because i haven't shown the pics to my mom yet, but now i know she wants it i'll get it for her.
  4. Have the 866 locate one for you ... I've seen PM's displayed in a couple of boutiques over the weekend!
  5. ^^ i have no problem getting a tivoli.. but i need suggestions on which accessory to get...TIA!
  6. how about a bandeau????
  7. Try a zippy coin purse!
  8. mini pochette!!!

    she can use it for just about anything....i have one in mono and one in azur!!! love this little thingie~!

    such a wonderful gift to your mom! =) i recently gave my mom my 'almost new' BH....stuffed with lesportsac goodies!! (she loves them! lol)
  9. The new Pomme Pochette
  10. agree!
  11. I got mine through 866. They located it, I had it in my posession in 2 business days. I loooooove the Tivoli GM! I get so annoyed when people bump into my bag. So my bf is my Bag guard now!
  12. I love the Vernis Ludlow