Need all wallet suggestions/help I can get

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  1. I know I asked for help before, but I am truly undecided. I would like to get a wallet that is going to work with my khaki/black Carly and python striped tote, which is khaki signature with dark brown trim and red suede accent strips. I have plans to get a different wallet to go with my black Ali, but I am not going to even make my task harder by going there right now :nogood:.
    My two failed attempt wallets:

    Chelsea lace studded envelope wallet in Tobacco: PITA to button and unbutton

    Khaki/black legacy signature slim envelope: Not what I thought is was going to be like. The back pocket is completely useless and the coin pouch is just about useless.

    I tell ya I am at my wits end with trying to choose form all of these wallets :hysteric:

    Another thing I am wondering is if I should go with something with a splash of color, say a Pond patent envelope wallet :drool: or the Ergo slim in khaki/black. Did Coach make it in khaki/red? Does anyone have this style and do you love it?

    My other wallet that I have is a black siggy zip around. It is my go to wallet, but I really need something else!!

    Thanks girls for all of your help :flowers:

  2. Sorry I tried to answer this before but i guess it didnt go through! I basically said how about a leather wallet in a bright color that doesnt "match" any of your bags, so it goes with all of them? I recently got both the teal patent and the chili Legacy leather French wallets and I've used them with bags of every color and they always look good. As a matter of fact, I switched to my whiskey wallet to match my whiskey Leigh today, and it looks kinda boring compared to my teal patent one!!