Need all the support I can get!

  1. My lovely ladies, as I have mentioned it once or twice before, I'm now trying hard to save for a croc birkin or kelly.

    I am saving from scratch, and I know it's going to be a long way. A year at the very least, maybe.

    AND, this is the important part..

    I know myself very very well. I am not good with saving money. As soon as I have some money, all I want to do is spend it. But, I really really want a croc birkin/kelly, so would you guys do me a favour here. In the future, if you guys see me contemplating to buy a birkin/kelly other than croc, please please please be firm with me and say NO! I'm gonna need constant reminders of what my ultimate goal is = a croc birkin or kelly (havent decide yet).

    I know there are going to be lotsa temptations ahead. Just by looking here and see others posting their new babies is gonna be hard, LOL! This is a challenge for me, I want to know if I'm able to restraint myself and continue saving for my dream croc.

    So, would you guys help? ;)
  2. good luck, sarah! and yes, we'll stir you away any new future purchases (not unless it's a croc bag).........
  3. Of course we will help! Before you know it, you will have the croc bag of your dreams and it will be so worth the wait and sacrifice!
  4. I'm on board with helping you out, although I have to admit it's bit like the blind leading the blind--LOL!
  5. i'll help you! BUT i want to see tons of pictures of w/e croc bag it is... DEAL? :biggrin:
  6. I'd like to help too~ A croc Birkin/Kelly sounds absolutely fabulous. For me, the most effective way to not spend is just stay away from Hermes stores. Don't call them, don't even walk by them. Out of sight, out of mind.

    That said, I feel like calling my SA today:Push:
  7. count me in!
  8. Ok, I'm good at saying "no"!!!!!!

    NO! NO! NO! NO!

    How's that, Sarah?
  9. ^^lol,...
  10. Sarah! HG means it! When she tells me know at the store I walk away with a frown and no bag!
  11. .........................and Bagg's got her croc Birkin.........................'nuff said!!!
  12. Best of luck......I'll turn my 'enabler' button off for now, a croc is so worth waiting for.
  13. That's gonna be a hard task...I'll 'try'!!!
  14. Thank you ladies!

    I'm serious, this IS a challenge for me, I'm so not good with money :sad:

    Btw, Orchids, I'm LMAO-ing over the blind leading the blind comment!

    Missbabydolce, it's a deal baby!

    HG, I know I can count on ya *wink*

    I KNOW you ladies are such GOOD ENABLERS, so perhaps this is a test for you too, LOL.

    Just remember to turn off your enabler mode when it comes to me okay, hehehe..
  15. We will try to help you watch out for pitfalls, Sarah :smile: ! You have such an incredible collection that you should be able to have fun with all of your gorgeous bags (Thallassa Box Birkin :heart: :heart: :heart: !!!) , while enjoying the planning for your next, very large purchase. I know that it is hard, but it will certainly be worth it.