need agenda opinions....

  1. So I was looking at my Coach agenda from a couple years ago and noticed - I don't have refills for it and i'm thinking of selling it...

    The vernis agendas have REALLY caught my eye...but i'm in a dilema....Which size and color would you get if you were me? I'm kind of leary of the vernis because of things rubbing off on it....hmmm

    1. mini agenda cover in Pomme or Amarante

    2. small ring agenda cover in Pomme, Amarante or mono trunks & bags

    ty and Merry Christmas! (eve :smile:)
  2. I did the same question the other day.
    I was not suggested to take a vernis because in a year or so you'll see scruffs or pen marks etc it's too fragile.
  3. think i'd be better with the trunks & bags? maybe i'll get the french purse in vernis....variety is good :biggrin:
  4. I would be afraid of rubbing of the logo... :confused1:

    I think most depends on your budget! If you could buy only one thing or the wallet and the agenda!
  5. I would go for the small vernis pomme. The color is really stunning!! You just have to take good care of it.
  6. Mono Trunks & Bags!!

    (I'm being biased because I have one .... :biggrin:)

  7. small pomme!
  8. Small vernis. If you get a dark color (which I think is the only thing they offer currently) then you really dont have to worry about rub. Ive had mine for almost a year now and carry it everyday in my purse full of other stuff and have had no problems. Its so handy and cute, I get so many looks and comments!
  9. I've had my vernis indigo agenda for over a year and it's always in my bag, against heavy folders and computers and such. It takes a good beating. The darker colors of vernis handle really well! I couldn't tell the age in my at all.

    Gotta recommend the vernis agenda not in mini. Mini is waaaaay too small.
  10. ty ladies ;)
  11. if I get the mini or small in Amarante think i'll be safe? (from rubbing) Or should I save the vernis for my wallet? hmmm....and get a mono trunks and bags agenda?
  12. Well i think for am agenda u should be getting Canvas. That will last u a long time.. Personlly i'd get the medium size 1. Its easier to write on. I have the Azur Medium Agenda.
  13. Go for vernis in either the pomme or amarante both are lovely. My pomme zippy wallet still looks fabulous with all the abuse she gets. I want to get the small ring in amarante, but have a gift certificate so I will wait patiently :ninja:
  14. i'm going back and fourth between wanting a vernis agenda or wallet.... hmmmm
  15. Get both, one in pomme the other in amarante :p Just kidding the vernis is pretty pricey, so personally I would use the wallet more. My zippy wallet is one of my very favorite things.