Need Advise, Selling A Bag & Right Next To It The Same Fake 4 Less!

  1. Hi, I am oping someone can help me out here. I am currently selling a Marc Jacobs Stam Hobo on eBay & I believe there's a fake version of the same bag ( in a different colour) right next to my bag for quite a bit less! :cursing: One of the things she says is that the zippers on her version are Lampo, does anyone know if Lampo zippers are used on the Stam Hobo & what can I do?
  2. I'm not sure there is anything you can do other than report the other auction if you are sure it's a fake.

    Potential buyers who know their handbags will not be fooled. Competition from the fake-sellers makes eBay difficult these days.
  3. I reported ANOTHER fake version of this bag a few days ago to eBay, the sellers start price was around $8 for a NEW Marc Jacobs Stam Hobo!!! Could not believe it when several people placed bids & as far as I know Ebay did nothing!
  4. If you have questions regarding the zipper heads/authenticity of a bag you can always post them in the --- Authenticate This MJ --- thread. If it is deemed fake you can then post it in the eBay auctions to be wary of thread in the Marc Jacobs forum.
  5. Thanks Melly!
  6. It's disgusting. Im selling a Stam and I see fakes ALL AROUND my listing selling for six and seven and eight hundred dollars. Mine? Not a bid.
  7. Ebay just seem to be turning a blind eye. I report, receive automated email saying it will be investigated, yet the fake sells anyway therefore nothing has been done! I just don't understand & how can anyone think they are buying the real thing for a couple of hundred euros/dollars.
  8. Well you know...Ebay is making money on all the listings and sales of counterfeits. LV is what I sell the most of and you wouldn't believe the stuff that gets through. And sells for BIG money.
  9. I've run into that problem more often than not. It's maddening to see fakes selling for a couple of hundred dollars less than what they could pay for the real thing.:amazed:
  10. Just saw an article where Ebays profits are up 50%!!!!! Its from the 'not' pulling of the counterfeit auctions!:cursing: