Need Advise On Returns

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  1. After all of this time collecting Coach, I need some help. I saw a bag by another designer that I am enamored with. Okay...more than enamored. It is possibly the most beautiful bag I have ever seen. It is VERY expensive and I am trying to find a way to afford it (justify the expense). I don't have ANY credit debt right now, so I don't want to charge it.

    Here is my question:

    I have a LOT of bags with tags. If I would take 6 bags back and get a refund then I would have enough money to buy this bag. I know I will use it because it is soooo GORGEOUS!! I have the receipts for most (I have some without receipts but I know they will only give store credit for those).

    What do you think I should do?? I kind of feel badly about it but they have not treated me like a "Preferred Customer" in a while. Do you know if this will affect the bottom line of the store? Should I care??

    Please help!! If you'd like to help me decide by posting pics, I can do that.
  2. You shouldn't care if it affects the store, if the tags are still on and you want to return stuff then do it. They may not be happy with you but that is their problem, not yours. I want to see the bag you want to buy!!
  3. Imho you should worry about your own bottom line and not the store's. You buy tons of Coach; I always see you posting new purchases. If you aren't getting the service you deserve, it's your right to take your dollars elsewhere. If Coach wants your business, they have to compete for it and that includes competing with other designers. It's the way the free market works. If you find a bag by another designer that you like better than your Coach, that's where your dollars should go. You shouldn't feel guilty at all.
  4. I agree. If you really love this other bag, return the coach bags. I wouldn't worry about the stores "bottom line". I also feel the same way, that I keep buying more and more and I can't even get the $50 coupon! I'm also investigating other designers at the moment trying to find the perfect bag.
    Please post pictures of the new bag you are looking at.
  5. [​IMG]

    I saw it in the window of the Gucci store when I was walking by (on my way to the Coach Store) with my mother. I was going to order the Pleated Ergo in Navy but decided not to. I only bought a couple of accessories instead.

    This bag is so comfortable and so buttery soft. It can be worn cross body or on the shoulder. It can be worn with the pattern in the front or the black. The picture does not do it justice!:heart:

    From the Hysteria Collection:

    I'm so sorry that the image is so large! I don't know how to edit it.
  6. wow admat, that bag is really pretty, i think if you can justify returning those other bags to get this bag, then i think you should do it... if you think its worth it! good luck deciding! :tup:
  7. If they still have the tags on them, it seems like your not going to use them... I say return the bags you won't use for the absolutely delicious bag you will use! I love that bag!
  8. Wow, the Gucci bag is BEAUTIFUL! I say return the Coach and go for the Gucci.
  9. You know, I feel your pain!! I've also thought about the same issues. I really don't like the fact that all people are NOT treated equally all the time at every store...and I've done enough "experimenting" as well as observation to confirm this!! I also don't like to return things, I admit. I'm not one to order multiple bags knowing that a couple will definitely be returned, because somehow that doesn't feel honest to me... or rather like I'm taking advantage of the company's return policy. I also know some SAs are nasty about that, whereas some have encouraged me to do it. But the bottom line is that the company has a liberal return policy, and if you have not used the bags and are not satisfied (for whatever reason), you should return them! If you feel uncomfortable, then maybe what you can do is return a few items to one store, and then the others to another location rather than doing it all at once But the bottom line is I would go for the bag you really want!

    As for level of service, I also feel that changing as well. I tend to be a very loyal type of person, and like to make certain my one SA gets the credit whenever possible. However, I can also develop a new loyalty when I feel I'm not treated the same. I admit I'm kind of ticked about the coupon thing...perhaps trivial, but the way I figure it is I just purchased $800 worth of stuff between two bags and a heart luggage tag just a few days ago, and she knew the coupon was out at the time (whereas I did not). I do know from reading this forum, that some stores honor the coupon if you ask. I asked, and she keeps telling me nothing is showing up under my name. I figure I will never get the promos anymore because I'm buying too much, and they know I will continue to do it's time to find another store or stop buying at the boutiques and give my business to the nice SAs at my local dept stores!

    I admit I'm also the type of person that sometimes changes my mind when I see something else new...or sometimes I don't buy something that's very pricey because I figure I can get more bags for that one bag. I don't always think it's worth the price, but that's the key. If it's worth it to you, then that's what is important! Like you, I also don't have credit card debt, and we pay the cards off completely each month. I want to keep it that way too, so I can fully appreciate where you're coming from on this score as well. If that new bag is important to you, and you want to keep it off your c. cards, then I would definitely return the others. I have been told that it doesn't matter how much you return (a SA in another store just told me this yesterday), but I do have the feeling they look at this. I would simply say that you've changed your mind, and don't want these to sit in your closet unused when someone else can purchase them and love them more than you could. I don't know...this is hard for me too. Let me know what you decide! I'm still sitting on that tattersall satchel that if I returned that, and got the coupon, I wouldn't have to pay a huge amount to get the pleated satchel...or not much at all to get the sunflower Bridgit!

    By the way....I have never been loyal to only one handbag company!! I think it's totally fine to diversify your collection. There are many other brands out there that have some lovely bags!! Some years I buy more Coach, and other years I buy another designer. It just depends on what appeals to me and is a good value to me at the time. I've tried to get rid of a lot of bags I know I will never wear and don't really want to keep.
  10. I think you should return them, especially since you have receipts and tags on them. You're not using the bags so why keep a bunch of bags to just sit around when you can buy one you LOVE and will use!

    I have seen a lot of Coach bags lately that I like but I dread going into the Coach store because the SA's aren't very kind (especially if you just window shop) and IMO they seem to be having a lot of issues with their bags lately (transfer issues, leather splitting, fraying etc).

    Getting off track! Buy what you love, do NOT feel guilty about returning. The store can always resell them so they aren't losing money on the deal!
  11. ITA :tup: Plus if these other bags still have tags then obviously you weren't anxious to carry them right away.
  12. I wouldn't keep them because of the store.. if you do not love them, you should definitely return them. Thinking that you can have 6 bags or 1 bag is a little much but if that bag is the one for you, then go for it! :tup: It's YOUR money, not Coach's and not ours.. so if that is what you feel comfortable doing, then enjoy it! :tup:
  13. Definitely do the returns!!! I feel the same way lately - I no longer have any loyalty to my store or my SAs. I cant get a PCE, $50 coupon or even a thank you note to save my life, so now I order what I want from whomever is going to get it to me the fastest! And after these pleated ergos, which I have been anticipating since January, I'm pretty much done till the winter anyway. Ive been getting most of my Legacy stuff on ebay and that is going quite well, so I dont know that I need the store much anymore, so:Pon them. Take your items w/receipts back and dont feel you have to explain. If you do want to say something, you can just say I just have too many bags right now and need to simplify things a bit. Then walk past the store next time and wave to them w/that Gucci bag hanging from your arm!!!
  14. Return them at another store!!! OR sell them!
  15. I love it!!! :rochard: