Need advise on PST !

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  1. I am going to London sometime next month and want to buy a PST and make that my first Chanel bag, need help from you experts who live in London
    - what colours are available this season in PST
    - where do you think I would get a good range to check out the Chanel bags
    - how much does PST cost
    - can someone give me contacts of a good SA in London whom I can either mail or call to check on the availability?

  2. After doing so much research , London heathrow is the cheapest for Chanel in London. I'm also going london next month still deciding whether to get a Chanel bag or miu miu as my first
    I was considering Chanel
    Gst is £1462 in heathrow
    Why u prefer pst over gst ?
  3. Because I am only 5.2 in height and BIG bags look out of place on me :smile: also I am landing and departing from Terminal 5 hence not sure if I will have enough time to hover around :sad:
  4. Oh dear
    I see . But ya I've been researching fr 3 weeks and heathrow has d best price
  5. I went to the boutique at Bond street 3 days ago and the prices seemed to be on the high side compared to Heathrow. The same caviar wallet was £615 at boutique and £585 (approximately) at Heathrow. The queue for VAT is extremely long so if u do intend to get it at the boutiques, please do set ample time to claim VAT at the airport!
  6. When I went to Selfridges last month they only had one white PST left and I had been waiting for Bond Street store to contact me about the black one since mid Dec. I did see a red one back in Dec. I got my colleague to buy the PST at LHR T3, and I got it for GBP1042 and there was a slight crease on the leather where the magnetic button was so wanted to do an exchange but they never had it in stock =/. So I've given up and just using the bag.

    I worked it out that LHR is about 16% cheaper.
    If you can get the bag tax free then great. Like previous post, long queue which I did it in 1.5 hours with my Bro in law before. If you don't want to queue and not desperate to get the money back instantly in cash then forget queueing outside, go into departure and there's another tax free bit where you get it stamped and then you need to wait like a few months before it's refunded onto your card. Again this is what my bro in law told me when he did it another time.

    If you want to go T3 that's fine. Reserve the bag 24 hours beforehand (I always do this and I think only LHR boutique allows you) then you can book a personal shopper for free who can take you from T5 to T3. My best friend did this and it was smooth and quick.

    I'm 5ft4in and I went for PST over GST because GST doesn't suit me. PST is really cute and been using it a few times =).

    Good luck xxx
  7. Thanks Bubblezeve for all the info, I so much want a Red PST and am hoping I get one, is there anyway I can check with some SA in Selfridges the availability? Also can I mail or call someone in T3 Chanel and check it out there also. If you happen to pass Selfridges will you peep in for me please pretty please :smile: just joking ;)
  8. Thank you so much fur the personal shopper info! Had absolutely no idea this was available. T5 never has what I want so this is just great news! Will definitely try this next time through Heathrow. Do I book this through the website?

  9. Unfortunately I don't have any SA names/numbers for Selfridges but you can check on Chanel's website for the branch number. I'm not sure if they will help you with availability because some of them are quite unhelpful unless you do know a SA there or you happen to come across a nice SA.

    As for LHR T3, (+44) 0208 754 1000, I had spoken to Jaz (female) and Louise (think she's the manager/supervisor). They're open from 7AM - 10PM.

    Actually I do need to go to a Chanel store but I doubt I'll go Selfridges because I know Harrods and Selfridges have their own Selfridges/Harrods policy, as opposed to the actual Chanel's policy. But I'll see if I am going to go soon. No promises =).
  10. No worries! I didn't know about it until my bestfriend told me on the day she was flying! I remember she was moaning that she won't have enough time to purchase the Chanel necklace then on the day she told me she had a personal shopper arranged and got the necklace! Apparently, if there's like a long queue then the personal shopper can help you jump the queue ahaha!

    I checked on BAA Heathrow website and you make an appointment via their website:,-eat,-relax-and-enjoy/personal-shopper

  11. Awww thanks so much!! no pressure whenever you go if you remember do check please!! Thanks once again!

  12. That's good to know, I'll be sure to use that next time I'm in Heathrow. Thanks eve
  13. I found SAs were friendly when I called.

    I suggest you get Chanel boutique phone numbers and call around! This is how I track down WOCs!