Need advise on partial refund & leaving FB

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  1. I received my bag with some defects that were not disclosed by the seller, so I immediately sent her an email with pics highlighting the defects and seek for a amicable solutions before a SNAD case (though when I called up paypal to enquire, the CS just encourage me to open a case right away). The seller was cooperative and suggested that I send the bag to the local boutique to see if is repairable and she will pay me the repair cost, if otherwise I suggested for a partial refund.

    Q1. Would like to know how to determine a reasonable partial refund value? Also can I request the seller to credit the refund to my credit card instead of going through paypal (since I made payment via pp, and it is linked to my cc)?

    Q2. Do I need to open a case with Paypal/ebay for the partial refund?

    Q3. Will a neutral feedback be good once the issue is resolved?

    Any inputs will be very much appreciated, many thanks inadvance
  2. i dont know if this is possible, getting it directly put back on the credit card. really as far as a refund it depends on what you paid and the damage.
  3. 1. She doesn't have your info, so she can only refund partially via paypal.

    2. Not for a partial. You both agree on the amount you want refunded, and she refunds you that amount. It should be that simple. Now if you decide that the bag will need too much work done to it to bring it up to your standards, you can open a SNAD case and ask for a return.

    3. If she works with you, I would leave a positive mentioning that you had an issue and she worked with you on it. But that's up to you.
  4. 1. The credit will be done via PayPal and not directly to your credit card. As far as the amount of partial refund, that is kind of up to you. If you knew the bag had the defects, how much less would you have bid for it. Of course, Seller must agree to the amount also. It really depends on how much you want the bag.

    2. You can open a case, but the best thing to do is to try to work it out with the Seller. Be sure to keep all your messages in the eBay messaging system just incase.

    3. I would not leave a neutral if everything works out. I have dealt with some real doozy Sellers and I am always very appreciate of a Seller who can remain calm and try to work things out. You can consider leaving a positive but giving a lower star on "item as described".
  5. Thanks ladies for the invaluable inputs.

    Is 10-20% of the price that I paid for the bag reasonable for a partial refund?

    Luvbolide, you mentioned "to keep all your messages in the eBay messaging system", I am not sure how to go about this since the space limit was 1000 characters iirc?
  6. I think she means don't delete any ebay messages between you and the seller, AND to communicate only thru there.
  7. I agree with all the above... I would indeed leave a positive if everything works out.

    And I think a 10-20% refund is reasonable (start by asking 20, maybe 25)
  8. Thanks marie-lou.

    TXGirlie, thanks for the clarification, however so far all of our correspondences are via my and the seller's personal emails not via the ebay system. So what should I do?
  9. Personally, I would leave no feedback rather than neutral if you can't give positive one. I think if a seller is willing to work out the problem I would be very grateful, as you find more often seller take the matter too personally and get angry and not willing to help. I would be messaging via ebay from now on if I were you, just incase you need to file a claim then your communication via ebay messaging will help you to proof that agreement has been made mutually between you and the seller.
    Good Luck OP.
  10. ^ But that's after the fact. The seller is willing to work on the problem AFTER she listed a bag without disclosing flaws. Whether by neglect or hoping the buyer wouldn't mind, that's not cool. The buyer can be grateful the seller is cooperating, but the buyer would be more grateful if she didn't have to go through all of this had the seller been more accurate and/or honest in the listing. Furthermore, if they reach an agreement outside a PP/eBay claim, the seller too ought to be grateful, maybe even more than the buyer.

    Why skip feedback? What use can we, as buyers, get from feedback if people skip it any time there's a problem?

    As to what you (OP) should do, you have some good advice here, but ultimately you're the one who must decide what you're willing and/or able to work out with the seller.
  11. Thanks lmt51, I will from now onwards use ebay system to communicate with the buyer just incase. Just want to understand why is it that the personal email exchanges cannot be used as proof of our agreement?

    karmenzsofia, I do feel the same way too, infact I was prepared to SNAD and neg her if she turns out to be uncooperative. Till now there was no apologies from the seller for failure to make accurate disclosure of the condition, but the good thing is she is still polite in her replies to me. So I am not sure if I should give a neutral feedback after things have been resolved and just state that I was glad the issue with regards to the condition of the bag has been resolved. Will be making a trip to Chanel to find out if the bag is repairable and hopefully the repair won't take too long, otherwise I will request partial refund from the seller. ;)
  12. What if you just ask for the amount back that it'll actually cost you to get it repaired, and if she gives you the amount then give her a positive because she's working with you and doing the right thing.
  13. Just send it back. Get a refund and buy a different one. I have never understood partial refunds.
  14. wackynottacky, pardon me, do you mean I just go ahead to ask for the partial refund? She stated in her email that from where she is Chanel will be able to easily fix the defect for US$20... but I am not sure about my local Chanel how will they charge, that's why I will have to make a trip there. Sighs...

    KittyKat65, the bag was from a past collection, and so far there isn't another one up for sale. That is why I am considering keeping the bag.
  15. Another CHANEL..........

    I am assuming that the bag cost more than $100. You are requesting a 20% partial and the seller is saying that it can be fixed for $20. That is a HUGE discrepancy in $$$$. I am just guesstimating that a Chanel goes for over $1000.

    I didn't see where the flaws that make it Significantly not as described were explained.

    This is exactly the reason I refuse to give partial refunds.