Need advise on my 2nd Bal Bag, Work or PT

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  1. I've bought my first Bal Bag, a charbon city in Feb, and am planning for the second one, as the city is sometimes too small (woman always has an excuse when she wants to shop :graucho:)
    Will you get a PT or Work if you need more room ? I'll only pick RH as SGH is too heavy. What about the colour ? I prefer a colour which is good for all seasons, easy to match. My first choice is purple as it's my favourite colour. How about Officer ? Is it dark blue ? It's hard to tell from Bal's website.:confused1:
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    I have cities and a part time and I can say that a work feels lightest(compared to PT) and has more room.
    PT feel clumsy to me, harder to navigate. Works mold to the torso better and i forget I am even wearing it.
    I love my anthracite(neutral + chic) work (I love GGH) but RH is classic.
    You can never go wrong with a black bal.
    Galet is incredible nanaz just bought one..its TDF
    I never use my cities anymore , I have outgrown the size.
  3. I love PTs because it is so easy to find things in that east-west shape. I also find the shoulder strap handy. And there are so many great colors and neutrals out there. Raisin is a lovely purple. Officier is a fabulous deep navy with purplish undertones. Anthracite goes with everything year round. And of course, every girl needs a black RH something or other!
  4. I would say, the Work, if you're looking for a bag bigger than the City. I find that the Work is great for shopping. I find that the PT is just a smidgen larger than the City, in terms of what it can hold. But, if you want a shoulder strap, then the PT is for you.

    Officier is a GORGEOUS colour! It's a very dark blue, but looks like a blueberry in sunlight. Incredibly pretty. Goes with everything. One of my favourite Bal colours. An Officier Work is TDF!
  5. Work if you need all that extra space & want smooshy leather everywhere.
  6. I want a work.
    I had pt before but I don't like the type.
  7. Go with a work! Officier work is TDF.. here's mine to share with you.. :smile:

  8. I'd recommend a work. It's much roomier than a city, and once it's broken in it does not feel too big. Officier is an AMAZING color. If you can get your hands on one, go for it. You can carry it in all seasons.
  9. I think PT would be great for a second. Work is almost 1.5 times larger than City and IMHO it can be too big sometimes when you don't have too much to carry. I would think a PT is easier for you to carry both day and night.

    Color wise, I would recommend Raisin! Since you already have a brown, Purple would be a good choice. Or Pourpre! Every girl needs a red bag plus it is not IN-YOUR-FACE kinda red. Perfecto! I love Pourpre!!! :yahoo:
  10. I'm very conscious of weight, and find that my Work is amazingly light. Without the shoulder strap though, I'd suggest any dark color, so you can enjoy it without worrying about the handles darkening.

    If Bal would only put a shoulder strap on the Works!!! :girlsigh:
  11. Work. The PT doesn't seem to carry much bigger than the city.
  12. If you prefer a strap, the PT is the way to go. It can be worn crossbody for a "handsfree shopping experience". ;)

    The Work is nice too but can look a little big until it starts to break in. I think Officier or Black or Raisin are great choices.
  13. I think RH work looks better than RH PT.

    But my favorite Bal style is giant hardware part-time.
  14. I personally love the PT style but it sounds like you are wanting something that will hold a lot more than the City and I find the PT holds just a bit more than the city, not a ton more.

    I would go for a work with Anthracite or Officier as they are both great neutrals that can be carried year round. I think both would look good in RH or SGH.

    Good luck and can't wait to see what you decide.
  15. I'm leaning toward the PT, I found that the strap could be very useful sometimes. But if you need a roomy bag, the Work is a huge bag (for me) and might be your best choice.

    Here's some photos of my Officier PT for your reference, the color looks good in both sizes I think. Good luck! :smile: