Need advise on my 1st prada!

  1. Hi Hi...I just bought my 1st prada bag through Bluefly for $1782.00 :tup:...I know this is a trendy bag for this summer but not long lasting coz of the bright silver color...what do you think???:confused1: Your advise is very helpful to me! Thanks thanks thanks!:nogood:
    Prada (2).JPG
  2. I like it! It's a will def spruce up any plain outfit espec if you wear a lot of neutrals.
  3. Cougess has a bag in this gauffre color too..ask her how its holdin up.....I remember she adored it when she got it.I MYSELF dont like metallics..but it is a super cute style!
  4. wow - that's gorgeous. Sometimes metallics can look cheap ... but that really looks elegant.
  5. LOVE it! Personally can't wear it, but I love it!
  6. If it's your first Prada it will always hold that special place -- and I think getting a highly signature style bag for your first can be a great choice. And as you won't wear it everyday -- it will no doubt last longer. Enjoy it !!