need advise on lv cerises speedy

  1. please help me.. should i buy a pre-owned lv cerises speedy at $1400? with slight patina. do you think it's worth that price? i know cerises is a limited edition but is there a chance it's available in some stores? thanks ...
  2. no chance of it being available IN stores. only 2nd hand now. good luck!
  3. like photoobsessive said, no chance of getting one out of a LV store anymore .. sorry

    well, if it's worth $1400 to you, then I'd say go for it, however I'm sure that you'll find a better deal on a Cerises Speedy

    Did you see the one Let Trade has? Louis Vuitton Cerises Speedy 25 Hand Bag LTD
  4. Your options are eBay or let-trade. Please be careful if you decide to bid on something on eBay since you don't want to end up for a fake speedy. If you have any questions regarding the authenticity of the bag, you can always post your questions at the authenticate section. There're so many LV experts on this forum.
  5. Thanks photoobsessive, Kittie LaRoche & breakfast lover for your replies & suggestions, I really appreciate them :tender: I'll go check Let Trade's site on eBay. For the authenticity, i'll follow breakfast lover's advise and get LV expert opinions on this forum, i honestly don't want to end up getting a fake speedy. Thanks so much again.. :heart: